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How to protect an organism from osteoporosis? It is necessary to change food!

In the lump of a human body about 10 - 15 kg of bones (men have slightly more, than at women). A bone - a reliable and strong design. It consists of a firm cover which gives it the form and durability, and elastic weight, and in other words - marrow. To carry out the functions, bones have to be strong and elastic. It is reached thanks to an originality of a chemical composition. In a bone tissue it is possible to find almost all components of the table of Mendeleyev.

Inorganic substances - them in a live bone about 22% - give it durability . Hardness of bones in many respects depends on the content of calcium in them and phosphorus , and elasticity and elasticity - on organic substances. Unfortunately, under certain conditions and circumstances human bones can become fragile. Such condition of a bone tissue carries the name osteoporosis . Osteoporosis is a system disease of a skeleton which is characterized by loss of the general bone weight in this connection bones become fragile and break even at small loadings.

As a rule, improper feeding is the reason of this disease.

Long time osteoporosis was considered as a disease to which people are subject 50 years are more senior. Actually main etiology not aged. Osteoporosis can develop at any stage of human life.

So what can protect us from osteoporosis? The answer is simple: balanced diet. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the food rich with calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are those mineral substances which are necessary for formation of a bone tissue. At their shortage bones begin to collapse.

We will begin with of calcium .

Calcium is the main construction material of bones. If in a diet a lack of calcium, not only bones, but also muscles, and internals begin to be injured. Both at adults, and at children deficiency of calcium in an organism is shown equally. At a lack of calcium there is an irritability, a habit to nervously gnaw nails, to move uneasily hands and legs. Further there can be also more serious frustration: muscular spasms, spasms, and even convulsions.

Natural sources of calcium : eggs, yellow cheese, cottage cheese, cornmeal, nuts and sunflower seeds, cabbage headed, color, salad, carrots, cucumbers. From fruit it is possible to call the oranges which are dried up on the sun dates and raisin.

The following important microcell - phosphorus .

That was formed healthy bone system, there were no problems with a metabolism, the organism needs a certain ratio of phosphorus, calcium, vitamins A and D.

Natural sources of phosphorus : fish and cod-liver oil - real a phosphorus well! Also phosphorus is contained: natural cheese, soy pods, cucumbers, cabbage, peas, salad, spinach, bran.

Magnesium . This microcell helps calcium and vitamin D with formation of bone system. It is also important for the prevention of a softening of bones.

Natural sources of magnesium : beans, peas, haricot, cucumbers, spinach, avocado, nuts, sunflower sunflower seeds, honey, raisin, prunes.

Manganese - an element which carries the oxygen which is in blood to cages. It is simply necessary for intervertebral disks and cartilages which have no direct blood supply.

Natural sources of manganese : liver, egg yolk, bird, natural cheeses, seaweed, potatoes, celery, salad, onions, peas, beans, bananas, almonds, walnut.

Vitamins are important for bones also extremely . Vitamins A, C and D are especially irreplaceable .

Vitamins A and D
promote the fullest use in an organism of calcium and phosphorus. If for any reason in an organism deficiency of these vitamins is formed, decrease in density of bones is observed, osteoporosis develops.

Natural sources of vitamin A : fresh fruit and vegetables - carrots, a melon, yellow pumpkin, peaches, fresh eggs, a liver of animals and fish.

Natural sources of vitamin D : liver of fish, nonsaturated fats, milk, eggs, oil. The most important, however, source of vitamin D is the sunlight. It, getting on skin, promotes production of this vitamin.

Eat properly, and your bones will be strong and healthy!