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What the fear and why to us to be afraid is?

Each person at least once in life tested pleasure, admiration, grief, disappointment and, of course, fear. The fear is an integral part of our life. All of us are afraid of something - spiders, the closed space or surrounding the mkazhdy person at least once in life had feeling of pleasure, admiration, grief, disappointment and, of course, fear. The fear is an integral part of our life. All of us are afraid of something - spiders, the closed space or world around in general. Completely it is impossible to get rid of presence of fear at life, but it is possible to understand the reasons of each separate fear appearing on the way to fight against it, to overcome it. But to be able to be at war with fear, it is necessary to know what it happens.

Uniform classification of fear does not exist. In Fritz Riemann`s book Main forms of fear 4 main forms of fear are allocated.

1. Fear of devotion - the fear arising when we open to someone, the connected with trust to other people, Same fear appears when we take a liking or love. Situations in our life when we doubt whether we can trust this or that person, whether it is worth opening for him the feelings, the soul are connected with this form of fear whether we can trust it? Here also the fear of death inherent in a varying degree in each person on this planet belongs.

2. Fear of formation I, individualization am an elementary fear of loneliness. The more we exist in itself, the further we move away from others, thereby practically we doom ourselves to isolation. It is very common form of fear forcing us to communicate sometimes with people, not absolutely to us pleasant. Of course, sometimes the person very much wants to be alone, there are situations in which the loneliness is the only savior. But if this loneliness drags on, the concern begins to cover the person. There is such expression: The Person - a being social it seems to me, it as well as possible describes this situation. Each person needs that he was appreciated, loved, respected. All of us need communication to feel like full-fledged people.

3. Fear of passing character of the events. What the fear is? We know that in this world there is nothing eternal, everything flows, everything changes . And we are afraid of changes, we are afraid that we will appear in a situation unknown to us. And everything that is unknown, of course, frightens. We very often perceive new as danger, a certain threat because did not meet anything similar yet. We do not know what it will lead to, than can do much harm to us, and the most important how to be protected from this uncertainty.

4. Fear of need, severity, severity of final - steadfastness of laws and the developed installations. The more we want freedom, the fact that all of us are dependent is endured more difficult. We depend on a state of affairs, on people, from the situation surrounding us etc.

What role is played by fear in our life? Really the fear exists only in order that we in the life so never also felt entire, absolute happiness? Of course, no. In life there is no clear split on negative and positive, on white and black. And the fear is not an exception. It also consists not only of minuses, but also of pluses too. For example, one may say, that the fear is one of ways to be saved from the evil. When we are afraid, we behave differently - we are very cautious, we avoid undesirable situations etc. of

Besides, fear - it is a factor of intellectual development. Because in perception of fear and attempt to overcome it new opportunities of each person are shown. Having overcome sensation of fear, we impose new requirements to life, we learn to see new, brighter paints, we are improved and become a step closer to that ideal way of life which was would like to be conducted.

Release all the fears. And every time when you feel this feeling, just remember: You are worthy to be happy, successful and you are rather strong to win against the fears and to sigh a full breast. Good luck to you!