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What grew, grew? What we ate instead of vegetable marrows...

In a kitchen garden - that at me is all and prt! - you remember this familiar expression? Well, at us on the American ranch everything does not prt, but some plants grow before the eyes. Sometimes even it is unknown what.

This year my husband decided to put what at the time of sale was called very beautifully: Promptly growing vegetable marrows here is how! My husband who is carried away by garden and garden landings and passionate desire to grow up something unusual and, main, huge, usually buys seeds which promise a harvest of huge pumpkins, of the highest corn, tomatoes by size about the head we will not begin to discuss results.

In June vegetable marrows were planted, and all summer they, unfortunate, desperately fought against the Texas heat. Brightly - yellow flowers were pleasing to the eye and attracted incredible quantity of bees and bumblebees, the curling escapes aspired up, the problem was that vegetable marrows per se available were not.

However at the end of August when the heat fell down a little, it was found out that some of flowers were tied in fruits. When vegetable marrows reached the size about my palm, I reaped a crop.

We grew up vegetable marrows, however, not " earlier; prompt and quite usual. From them I cooked sauce for spaghetti, baked muffins and cakes, did marrow caviar, added to soups and salads, anything special. Prompt vegetable marrows seemed to me strange - the peel was very firm and watery some they were. Nevertheless, sacredly trusting the husband, I prepared the usual dishes which we also ate.

And so proceeded until I did not miss one vegetable marrow and it did not outgrow my palm - grew to the size of one kyyubit (distance from an elbow until the end of fingers - so measured distance at the time of Noah`s Ark). Very interested, I removed this vegetable marrow and cut it, being going to use. My surprise when under a peel I found something, reminding a bast was big!

It is necessary to tell you that about 9 years ago we with the husband grew up basts. By sight the plant differed a little from vegetable marrows and cucumbers as belongs besides to a look. Basts to the huge sizes were grown up, then boiled down in the boiling water, then were cleaned from sunflower seeds and a peel, then dried - and welcome to wash!

Somehow at once it became clear to me that we ate all August I rushed to call mummy to Moscow, and joyfully reported on it that the situation in America became so bad that we eat basts. Mummy with all the heart regretted us and told that she will report about our distress to all relatives, friends and acquaintances now. Here and world crises " are created; - I then I accurately gave the same information to the husband melancholically thought. He, however, did not believe me, and long still asked why we do not eat vegetable marrows any more? Therefore, I answered that we switched to cultivation of basts! And now we will have no problems with gifts for New year! All friends and acquaintances will receive on the environmentally friendly bast which is grown up and processed without use of fertilizers and chemicals...