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How children help us to keep health?

Children - life flowers! - approve one. On a mogilka of parents - supplement others. With the first it is difficult to argue, and here with the second I do not agree. At the correct approach to to floriculture health of parents not really - that also suffers.

In the beginning it is necessary to agree with one statement - health of the child for parents more expensive than their own. Besides, it is frequent more expensively in general for only one simple reason - the ill child demands such amount of time and money that normally to have a sleep - to eat, even to think of something, beyond elementary requirements, parents have already no time and there is nothing. Without saying any more that heart is broken off to look at the sick baby.

And almost from everywhere to parents advice is given that health at the child appears not from sitting in lines to doctors, and from the correct way of life - i.e. the child has to eat properly, as often as possible walk and receive physical activity (reasonably, of course). And now we will sort each point in more detail.

The child begins to walk practically right after an extract from maternity hospital. At first for 5 minutes, then longer and longer, so reaches till three o`clock in day. And, it cannot do it, clear, so someone from a family needs regularly to spend time on the street. And not just on the street, and in the most green of the next (or in the closest of green) corners. For health - continuous pluses.

With healthy nutrition it is still simpler. Here the child can break the wrong habits of parents which developed for years. You judge - at first it is impossible for future mother harmful nine months of pregnancy, then the diet becomes even more rigid during feeding by a breast (on average, within a year), then when the child eats porridges, the milk soups and vegetables steamed to prepare for itself a fried kartoshechka with a salets just laziness - why if here it is the rice porridge already ready? Generally, at mother it turns out two - three years of dietary food. It is much more difficult to return after it to old eating habits, than after any diet.

And after mother if she prepares in the house, and all family goes on a diet. Who will demand from the pregnant woman to make two dinners or two lunches? And who will prepare nine months for himself? The majority will refuse from fried in favor of baked in an oven and from aerated water in favor of juice. And then... who will demand from just given rise to make two dinners, and who will find time to do it?

Similar situation and with smoking. At first you do not smoke during pregnancy, then - during feeding by a breast, then, it seems, already and it is possible - but the little fidget cannot be left unguarded for a second. And for the child there is a wish to smell for some reason not of cigarettes, and milk. Besides, one business - to understand that you risk to get lung cancer, another - that your child, looking at you, can begin to smoke and will undergo the same risk. Yes even on an opportunity most to ache you begin to look in a different way: there is no wish at all that the son or the daughter spent the best years of life, earning on treatment of parents.

Children very strongly limit unjustified risk to which we already got used to subject ourselves every day. I began to run across the street on red light much less often, and the husband himself suddenly understood that sometimes goes too quickly - very much there is no wish to leave the daughter the orphan.

Earlier I delayed a campaign to the doctor to the last - now began even to pass routine inspections at specialists in the sores. I just am not able to afford to ache and go seriously to hospital - who will look for the child? Now I try to explain to the husband that he cannot be ill too - I in the next year will not be able to provide us three moreover and to pay bills for treatment. And we treat the colds more responsibly now - the baby does not want to be infected somehow.

Many parents come to a conclusion that children it is necessary to temper - otherwise will be ill all the same. But here to pour cold water of the little man it turns out sometimes only after you pour the same water of - so instead of let`s temper children it turns out let`s become tempered all family .

And even to explain to the child that vitaminka need to be drunk every day sometimes it is possible only on own example.

About what I did not tell yet? Ah yes, about physical activity. Well, or about sports activities. Perhaps, here parents are often limited to one - two sports sections for the child, completely ignoring the not physicality . And it is a pity...

Generally, it turns out that though children also do not add to us health, but strongly help to keep it.