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How with appetite to clear vessels of cholesterol? Not medical recipes of

Winter - not time for diets There is a wish fat more hotly and more, and with cold and about an ustatka also under a wine glass. And atherosclerosis does not doze. It here, it nearby. Waits It is a high time for

to remember about olive oil . Especially as, unlike podsolnechno - soy and other grain and nut, at olive the season only began. Olives ripen since October, and fresh oil appears just late fall and in the winter. And, at oil from the olives collected at the beginning of a season, taste more intensive and color greenish. And at oil from spring olives - more golden color and soft taste. So be not surprised that it it seems all olive and all - not refined, and such miscellaneous... There is no dirty trick - it is the nature!

What does it have to do with threat of atherosclerosis and olive oil? Yes while it contains nonsaturated fatty acids which also do not litter vessels, and already formed cholesteric plaques with stenochek clean off and transport to a liver, on utilization . It is opposite to some to read about fats? And you will not get to anywhere - they have to be present at food. And animals too. So, - not to do without olive hospital attendant of vessels! Residents of the Mediterranean countries eat it every day. In Spain, for example, a traditional breakfast - a spoon of olive oil on the fresh or dried on a grill bread.

Often I from the Russian friends heard that taste of olive oil is unusual. And it is difficult to present the Spanish breakfast before an exit from the house to a frost and a blizzard. And we do not do salads in the winter in such quantity, and to water with it favourite sauerkraut - forgive, and my hand will not be raised So where it?

A here several recipes of gas stations for meat and fish, well and for salads - on the future when again it wants fresh vegetables, even greenhouse

Vinaigrette. to Mix two tablespoons of the olive oil virgin with one tablespoon of vinegar from a sherry, one tablespoon of mustard, to salt and pepper to taste. It is possible to fill white fish and - la of a planch (In Spain usually fish fry without oil. Literally it means on a plate or an antiprigarny flat frying pan, it is possible with ribs as for a grill), vinaigrette and for salads is good.

yogurt Sauce. to Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of fat natural yogurt or not sour sour cream and one spoon of chopped greens to taste. It is combined with a bird, vegetables and salads.

Sauce with mindalyom. to Mix two tablespoons of not refined olive oil with two spoons of grated almonds and a pinch of salt. It is very good anti-a holesterolny sauce to boiled vegetables. Try to water the steamed cauliflowers or broccoli!

Italian Salmoriglio. to Pour olive oil in a bowl and to shake up and a half a glass of hot water, the juice of two lemons, several chopped leaves of parsley crushed by a garlic glove, pinches of salt, pepper and an oregano. Before giving to meat or fish to heat on a water bath.

Sauce with a lemon. to Cut a lemon on circles without rinding and to put in the plate powdered with small salt. Through a quarter of hour to shift circles together with the formed juice in a narrow can and to fill in with olive oil that it covered a lemon, also a little more, to taste is possible. To leave for three weeks. Then to filter and pour in a bottle. It is very good to fish.

A here several house recipes of the flavored olive oil . Of course, it is possible and to buy in a supermarket. But it is never sure whether aroma will be pleasant? And here it is possible to prepare to own taste or to experiment with spices and herbs well-loved by you, only you remember - olive oil is not stored longer than one year.

The SPANISH flavored oils. Mix is drawn at least a week, filtered and stored, as well as usual oil.

- With pepper and herbs (for meat, rice and salads). 1 tablespoon of not ground grains of different types of pepper (black, white, green and red), rosemary and 1 bay leaf on 750 ml of olive oil.

- With a green pepper and a lavrushka (for pizza). 8 pods of evil pepper (pods here up to 10 cm long, but thin - with a diameter about 1 cm in the thickest part. So, do not go too far!) and 2 bay leaves on 750 ml of olive oil.

- With tomatoes and an eggplant (for paste and salads). 4 segments of dried tomatoes, 1 circle of a fresh eggplant, 1 strip of red pepper, 1 branch of a fresh oregano on 750 ml of olive oil.

The ITALIAN flavored oils.

- With burning red pepper . On 1 liter of oil of 5 cut small peppers. To insist 45 days, then to filter. Like to season with it paste - spaghetti, especially a bolognese, with mincemeat and a tomato.

- With garlic. to put 1 head of the fresh peeled garlic In 1 liter of oil. To leave for several days. To give to hot meat dishes, the meat baked in an oven or fried on a spit.

- Oil with a dried peel of a lemon or orange. Carefully wash up one lemon or one orange, rind and put it in oil liter. In a week it will be ready for seasoning of salads and to fish.

- Oil with mint . In 200 - a gram bottle of oil to put a branch of fresh mint, an arrow of onions - a seedling, several peas of black and green pepper. To insist week, then to filter. It on the fan, is pleasant to me in salads and to the light meat of a bird, for example, steamed.

- With a basil . In 200 - a gram bottle of oil to put a flower and 3 leaves of a basil. To leave for a week, then to filter. For fans of strong spicy aroma - to season everything that it is necessary for soul!

of appetite Pleasant to you and pure vessels!