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How possession of books to make pleasure?

In a family of my parents always were many books: at first in the close officer apartment and a time later - in more spacious private house. Probably, therefore when I had the family nest, the dream to create already own home library at once began to look for the embodiment in reality.

And while one twisted at a temple and usual books any more not in fashion went on in eager rivalry supposedly, only take the place in the house, and here dust from them has enough, others tried to convince me that now everything can be found in the Internet, and e-books it is more convenient, I nodded meanwhile and with admiration represented that at our place there will be the big, interesting and useful library. Now every time when our family nest guests visit, library with interest consider all. It seems to me that it in general became a certain center of an interior and a lot of things can tell about keepers of this home.

If in your house a large number of books or maybe replenishment of a book arsenal still ahead accumulated, but the desire to create a home library already ripened, then it is time to consider all details.

If there is opportunity, and square meters allow, then why not to allocate the certain room for library even if also small. Exactly here at desire it will be possible to retire, settle on a soft sofa or in a big cozy chair, to be wrapped up with a warm plaid and in silence and rest to plunge into the unique world of reading. If this option not for your living space, then remains idea to organize library in some of available corners of the apartment or to take away for it one of free walls. It is known that now it is enough to address to reliable furniture firm, to bring with itself the necessary sizes (and it is possible and to call for measurement someone on the house), to tell about the preferences and desires, and experts in a short space of time will create to you all possible projects of an arrangement of library.

Here only, friends, you should not hurry with the order until you do not imagine definitely that you want whether and on the business your desires correspond to that offered design - to the project for which embodiment in life it is necessary to lay out a certain sum. It will be very offensive if clever thoughts visit you already while the library is paid and established.

From you it is required very little. Only only to be defined with several simple questions:

1. What you see the home library: opened or closed ? In the first case can offer you open racks (regiments) which look quite attractively and advantageously, but, unfortunately, have the shortcomings. First of all, books in open library require bigger attention and the corresponding leaving: they become covered with dust quicker and more often are exposed to temperature differences. In the closed cases of dust accumulates less, and some furniture firms plus to everything can offer samples where the certain temperature necessary for due storage of books will be maintained. Though, in my opinion, the interior in this situation loses the originality and only is replenished with the next case.

2. What will be of the shelf in your library: on height, length and even a form? Someone loves that all regiments were strictly one size and height. Others give preference to a certain improvisation at which in library there are both rectangular, and square shapes. The impression of a randomness, game and even some kind of creative disorder is in that case made. And that, and other option is in own way beautiful. As they say, here business of your taste.

3. whether you Assume that some regiments if library open, nevertheless are added glass (transparent / opaque), and can also a deaf door? If yes, how many they will be and on what height to place?

4. Now when you more or less represent what you would like, it is time to answer the following question which follows from three previous. That we will order: modular or case case? Modular cases allow to build in separate elements complete system. Making modular sections in a row across and down, it is possible to receive a case of the necessary sizes and a configuration. Case cases can also be the most various options: with doors oar and sliding, folding or an accordion, glazed or deafs, with drawers or in general only consisting of open shelves. All available options which are possible for embodying, proceeding from the sizes of your room to you will be more precisely prompted by the expert. There is also it that some desirable samples, unfortunately, forone reason or another, disappear by itself.

5. will Also not prevent to decide in advance on the choice of material of which your library, and the color desirable will be made . All available palette of shades during registration of the order will be shown on samples by sellers - you will need only to choose. Consider that the library has to though somehow to be in harmony with other furniture, color scale and the general interior of the room.

6. And, at last, think over such moments as existence or lack of illumination libraries, and also of additional elements (a ladder, a little table, office for the computer etc.) .

I hope, now, when you have some initial idea of a home library of the dream, the first step to its implementation is taken. The main thing - stock up with patience, the imagination, desire to create, well and, certainly, it is worth counting available for this means and that sum which it is necessary to gather additionally in case of need in advance. Believe, all expenses will pay off doubly when in the cold winter evenings you take in hand the next small volume from your house collection, will settle more conveniently in a treasured corner and with ecstasy will enjoy the book, a cosiness, life Eventually, if to remember G. Hesse`s , the possession of books gives the absolutely special joy

Sincere to you, friends, pastimes, special emotions and of new impressions of each read book!!!