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How to decorate a smile? Tooth jewelry

Probably, there are no people who would not like to have strong, equal and beautiful teeth. At the same time beauty of a snow-white healthy smile also special tooth jewelry can add . So, decoration of teeth will emphasize with the sparkling pastes identity and originality of style of any person, will fix attention and delighted looks of surrounding people. In addition, tooth jewelry promotes desire to smile more often, so, to create good mood to themselves and the interlocutor, leaving pleasant impression of communication.

Most often at decoration of teeth decorative elements are attached by pastes to the top foreteeth. Tooth jewelry usually has the small sizes and can be made not only of pastes, and and of jewels and metals. There are several types of tooth jewelry: pastes, tvinklsa and skaylsa.

Pastes for teeth are artificial crystals of the small size which fasten to teeth by means of special glue. Pastes for quite short term fasten. The maximum time during which pastes to keep on teeth, makes from several weeks to two months.

Skaysa are tiny jewels which are processed on special technology and pass the corresponding facet. On appearance of a skaysa not really strongly differ from pastes. Most likely, only their owner will know a true origin of the sparkling droplet in the smile. However at the same time skaysa will keep on teeth much longer than pastes. They will serve to the owner several years.

Tvinklsa are the figures made of gold with a stone or without it. The figure can be any what her client will wish to see. Here everything depends on his desires and preferences. Pastes or precious pebbles will only add found design of a tvinkls. The most widespread stones used in gold figures are diamonds, aquamarines, sapphires and of course the pastes imitating any kind of jewel.

Only the professional dentist after passing of toxicological examination can allow any of the established jewelry to use.

In modern stomatologic practice there are two types of technologies of decoration of teeth pastes and other invoices.

the First way is called dent - an art and is based on the principle of application when jewelry fixes to tooth special glue structure. At the same time the ornament inside which will adjoin to tooth has to be carefully ground and processed by special structure. At such technology contact of ornament with tooth will be the most dense, enamel is not exposed to destruction, and procedure does not demand big expenses of time.

The second technology - incrustation in the course of which in tooth the opening into which the seal is inserted is bored through. To a seal, in turn, ornament also fastens. This way requires careful attention and the qualified actions, otherwise it is possible to break integrity of tooth and to spoil enamel that will lead to loss of tooth. When using incrustation ornament will be in tooth very long time, much longer, than at dent - an art.

Teeth can be decorated also with the practical purpose. For example, to hide individual shortcomings of teeth (roughness, pigmentation, etc.) . Besides, exist special sapphire a briquette - systems which not only correct a bite or level teeth, but also decorate a smile.

Tooth jewelry is beautiful and attractive, helps to create unusual part of style, but it is necessary to remember that only professional stomatologists have to establish and take off them. Only the real expert will be able to provide to your teeth not only beauty, but also safety.