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Who such kidalta?

Fashionable were a word the metrosexual which did such noise already involved highly paid marketing specialists that gradually disappears from the dictionary of glossy magazines and in general from use. To sell clothes and cosmetology services not so favourably as high-tech innovations. Therefore metrosexuals as to the phenomenon were succeeded by the new word designating broader concept - kidalt .

There was this word from merge of two English concepts - kid (child) and adult (adult). Thanks to efforts of the same above-mentioned marketing specialists, the whole generation of people, categorically not persons interested to mature is available. And that - it is favorable to industry of consumption to have the regular customers who are with pleasure indulging all the desires - and so predictable. Whether it is necessary to the child much - to him enough that everything was such bright, toy, cheerful and trouble-free around!

Average portrait of a kidalt is as follows: this is, as a rule, the man - women should hide the biological age the nature. To the man to it on average 30 - 35 years, at the same time he still lives with parents, despite good work (as a rule, in IT - the industry) and rather high salary. Very well this type of the new person is described in the book Slaves to Microsoft .

He prefers to spend the money for gadgets and entertainments - not for nothing it is possible to call modern youth generation of Play! - game eclipses all the rest. For them, for these adult children, there is a multimillion industry of computer games, animation movies, for them the companies like Apple let out the very expensive toys behind which there are turns and without American registrations not to buy them! Millyonshchitsa Joanne Rowling a good few of the state (admit, you went to Harry Potter without children?) it is obliged to kidalta.

And if to take movies, then animated cartoons of the " type; Shrek or Madagascar are not designed for children - and rather, for their elder brothers and even parents. Not to mention such miracles stsenarno - animation thought, as Futurama Raskolbashenny Space Simsona and Beavis with Battkhed . On the Internet in general for such expanse. Even cars from traditional macho - a segment began to get children`s forms - to take the same released BMW doll MINI or the SMART machine from Mercedes. Forty-year-old heroes of today look as thirty-year-old - we will remember Brad Pitt, and thirty-year-old - as twenty-year-old.

But the main difference of kidalt from their age-mates even from the previous generation is an unwillingness to take the responsibility not only for others, but also for itself. Forever (or at least, as long as possible) to remain in a comfortable zone of the childhood - here the main psychological feature of new generation. The problem extended so that producers undertook not only to use it, but also to study fixedly psychologists and sociologists. Of course, they right there appropriated to the phenomenon a label and called it soft form of an eskapizm .

Yes, all of us can run away from reality. Someone makes to himself the imagined friend, and someone steeps in range (for profane persons - Lineage II, very popular network game). Someone furiously argues in blogs. And someone just lives - as it is pleasant to it. And such becomes more and more every year.