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Where money leaves during trips and how to avoid excess expenditure?

If you where - or went not so long ago, undoubtedly, the feeling of parting is familiar to you with a trifle. Having faced a sharp increase in prices for all operations, hotel business and the industry of air transportation compete with each other in diligence to squeeze out of the clients everything to the last cent. You for certain faced it at the airport where for payment of compensations to regular customers, the exchange of the ticket and even check of baggage need to be paid extra now.

A minibar - your money disappears as if by magic

Consider that your minibar is strongly radioactive. Do not touch it. Even you do not look. Lodgers of hotels know worldwide that minibars (thanks to the built-in automatic sensors) trace the contents and even if you just took a chocolate bar from the shelf and put back - its cost is already entered in your account. Can seem absurdity top, but such is the real situation. Stock up with all necessary (and water in bottles) outside hotel, especially if you like to have a bite in the middle of night.

Expenses on cancellation of the order / early departure

In old kind times many hotels allowed cancellation of your order by you to six o`clock in the evening of day of your expected arrival. Certainly, the policy of hotels can differ, but these good old days sank Into oblivion. Be ready that you should pay number, plus the tax on sale and expenses on deduction (for number in which you did not live) - all this expects you in case you do not cancel the reservation in time from twelve to seventy hours before the arrival or will leave hotel, without having stayed in it all the time specified in the application. Details are printed with a small print on the form of the pre-order.

Payment of several numbers to you can seem to

that you will make to hotel a great kindness, having reserved several tens numbers for holding a wedding or other action what have to be grateful to you for. Perhaps. But it will not prevent to add administration of hotel from fifty to hundred dollars (or payment for the reserved number) into your account. And it is not the deposit; it is an additional fee for booking. Agreeing about having at once several rooms, be extremely careful, ask many questions and write down everything.

Payment for storage of baggage

As though also the luggage storage turns into a lucrative post. If you arrived too early or want to leave baggage for a couple of hours after an extract from hotel, it can cost much more, than harmless two dollars on " tea;. Surely specify. At you can not be other choice but, at least, you will know.

Payment of transportations

It is well, logical to b to think that delivery you from the airport by specially ordered car has to be paid especially; but it is possible to become puzzled of need to pay for the special bus to hotel! Still such free the bus was really free. Now when checking you can find out that you have to pay the delivery from the airport. But, paying a justice tribute - the trip to a taxi for certain will cost dearer.

Payment of the parking

Where you park the car when you come to hotel? It, perhaps, the only most significant question which you ask when business reaches protection of your purse. Usually hotels are content with twenty dollars (plus tip) in a night on the obligatory special parking - even if the usual convenient parking lot is very close. If to ask about something before the arrival, then about it. As Scot Booker from the website Hotel speaks. com, even to it was necessary to suffer from similar manner.

Payment of the safe

Can argue easily on whether the payment for the safe in a hotel room is fair. Everything depends on that, you use it or not. But it is unfair to demand three dollars a day for the privilege to sleep in one room with the safe which you did not even touch. According to Scot Booker from the website Hotel. com, such practice is most of all widespread in Las - Vegas and Orlando.

A payment for towels

One of the main conveniences of stay in magnificent hotels - heaps of soft towels (and any care of washing!) . But be careful, especially near the pool when at cabins for disguise offer you a fresh towel, and then will take an interest in what number you live. Really several minutes with a fresh towel really cost five dollars?

Territory charges

we Hope, you like to enjoy a species of the pink bushes planted along an access road to the vacation spot. They can cost you excess several dollars is so-called territory charges one more absurd monetary collecting entered by some resorts. Work to ask and specify, especially if you reserve the place on golf - the resort where for certain contain small army of gardeners - cleaners.

A payment for technologies

you can think that now hotels literally will fight with each other, in eager rivalry offering you free high-speed Internet access as advantage in fight for the client, but all far not so. Sometimes the word-play, and for access to " goes into action; free The Internet should be paid. One of solutions - to walk on hotel with the equipped Wi - Fi the laptop, will not find a signal yet, and then to be connected. (Council: try an external corridor Business - the Center).

Payment of the electric power Hotels often call

payment of the electric power surcharge for an overexpenditure it, it is obvious in attempt to soften the share of responsibility for global warming (as it is not a shame to you to use the conditioner!) . Certainly, you should pay. Actually, the amount of payment does not depend at all on that quantity of the electric power which you consumed during stay in hotel. In other words, sweating in the dark room does not grant to you the right for a discount.

Payment for phone

Telephone expenses still exist - and they are big, more than ever. As one former managing director of hotel, " explained; our hotel will pay for a local call to the AT &T company ten cents, and the lodger will pay hotel from one and a half to two dollars. Mezhdugorodka will cost still dearer. It is very easy way of increase of profit . The solution, of course, - not to leave mobile or to use free Wi - Fi in the hall and the inexpensive Internet - telephony (Skype programs).

Resort collecting

When you book the room on the resort, it is natural to assume that your account already included such services as a gym, the pool, park - everything that does the resort such attractive. Why then the resort administration raises still from ten to twenty five dollars a day (resort collecting) even if you also close did not approach the pool and a nose did not show on the beach? Because it can do so. (Then for payment they add also a tax!)

By the way, keep in mind that some magnificent resorts include such services as Internet access and beach towels in the account now that does a total amount at least to more notable. It is better to ask this list at once at registration or even before you make the pre-order.