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What is Marmayt? What it is a symbol of Great Britain?

the Ordinary English food did not differ in a special delicacy from time immemorial, aboriginals of the Victorian era are sailors and soldiers, and where to them to dainties in months-long sea swimmings and campaigns!

Shortly before World War I, namely in 1902, representatives of the English elite paid special attention to soldiers who from - for shortages of vitamins looked pale and exhausted, and many soldiers already at young age had no teeth. Attempts on elimination of problems with health were quickly made, and the gold era of a barmy additive of Marmayt which is made of waste of beer production began. Then the Bass brewery in the city of Burton - on - Trent began production this legalized in Great Britain " drug; who became a symbol of Foggy Albion subsequently.

Marmayt - the French word food warmer also designates a big copper for boiling probably, that copper in which cooked this dense mix. And from - for huge popularity of a product in Great Britain fantsuza called it English " jam;. Though application of waste of beer ferment was thought up at all not by British, but German Liyebig for the first time invented Marmayt`s recipe, and enterprising British grasped in time and introduced it in production.

Marmayt represents bitterly - salty darkly - brown almost black viscous substance with exotic smack. It is rich with a protein, is full of the vitamins necessary for teeth, nails, hair and skin. And it not the unfounded statement! Statistically almost all British who constantly use Marmayt, smearing it on bread as black caviar, never address stomatologists.

A living example - my husband who the dentist had once in life, and that with preventive check of teeth! Other example - the father-in-law of my friend who is 82 years old at it still all the teeth are whole also any seal!

One of commercials about Marmayta says: Love it or Hate it (You either love it, or you hate), that is inhabitants of Foggy Albion can be divided into two camps: who loves Marmayt and who hates it. On arrival to England I treated the second camp because, having tasted it once, understood, it something terribly salty and disgustingly bitter. Then I tried to steer clear of a jar with Marmayt, without understanding that British find in this disgusting to machine " greasing;. And only several years later I the second time ventured to try it, and on my surprise I liked its bitterish smack, and I conceived a liking for this viscous additive which I would call English black " caviar;.

Marmayt`s fans unite in fan clubs, open the websites devoted to Marmayt on the Internet. And it is interesting whether there is a club of haters of Marmayt?

And one sculptor - the odd fellow, the passionate fan English " jam; Jeremy Fattorini, even built a seven-foot sculpture from 420 jars of Marmayt. The sculpture is August Rodin`s remark Kiss it was also open for Valentine`s Day in 2008. This public declaration of love to Marmayt. The sculptor and called the work I love you, Marmayt .

Traditionally British smear Marmayt with a thin layer on the crackling bread roasted on a toaster but also for a piquancy they add it to various dishes. I wanted to offer you the simple English Victorian recipe with Marmayt`s application.

Hard-boil two eggs, shell and crumb a fork on small pieces, add a little Marmayt and properly mix. Roast two pieces of bread on a toaster, lay out the prepared weight on bread, and from above put the cucumber cut by thin rings. A peculiar sandwich will turn out.

Bon appetit!

PS. While wrote this article, ate three toasts with Marmayt, and with teeth of any problems! So I recommend to sit down for this English " drug;!