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What is pointillism?

Pointes - such beautiful word, rather French. When you hear it, for some reason at once before eyes there is an image of the air ballerina who soars over a scene in the next artistic image, forcing the viewer to admire in mute delight grace, flexibility of a body, symmetry of legs, hardly concerning a floor socks of ballet shoes - pointes.

For this reason word pointes first of all is associated with the ballet. And if the person for the first time faces such concept as the artist - the pointillist quite naturally that it raises at it a smile and easy bewilderment: really these artists went on pointes?!

Actually artists in flats did not go, and drew pictures in style of pointillism (from the French pointiller - to write with points pointillism - from the French pointel - letter points ) .

The pointillism is one of the most interesting and unusual directions of painting. It is such manner of the letter of pictures separate dabs correct, dot or squared. Artists, applying pure paints on a canvas, counted on an optical color mixture in the viewer`s eye, and they managed it.

Georges - Pierre Seurat (1859 - 1891) developed original picturesque equipment of the letter small dot dabs with inclusion of contrast (additional) colors that assumed their merge on an eye retina - that is as there is it at perception of a sunlight and color in the nature. Blue color is in pictures of pointillists in the neighbourhood with yellow, red - near green, yellow color - near blue.

Creation of picturesque analog of the svetovozdushny environment was the purpose of all picturesque experiments. At small withdrawal from a picture of color mix up at the viewer on an eye retina, causing feelings of the vibrating air and changeable light.

In one of the main works of Seurat - the picture Sunday on the island the Grandee - Zhatt the Parisians having a rest on the bank of Seine on Sunday are represented.

The artist created live as if the space fluctuating from the movement of warm air in which the generalized silhouettes do not seem flat and the sharp side between spatial zones created by a dense shadow in the foreground does not allow the image to become an ordinary pattern on the plane.

And here in pictures of the pointillist Paul Signac (1863 - 1935) the mosaic of dot dabs gains the energy other than the slowed-down rhythm of picturesque images of Seurat. Dabs are pulled together, slightly removed from each other, creating effect of color weight which as if is born in the face of the viewer. And pictures just bewitch the beauty and singularity.

Many critics of that time considered that the new method of the letter nullified creative identity of the artist and turned his work into boring mechanical drawing dabs. But apparently from these pictures, it was absolutely not so. The Puantilistichesky equipment helped to create bright, contrast and very beautiful pictures.

Pictures of artists - pointillists attract with the singularity, force the viewer to admire them already only because they are written by points .

A photo from the website www. art - spb. ru.