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What does our childhood smell of?

I asked this question the family, darlings and friends and even sometimes the clients. Also gentle memoirs began People as if went on the river of life to the past Persons became light and lit up. People remembered the left family, little friends.

The childhood of my mother fell on severe military years. Also it smelled of gunpowder, pair milk and a fresh grass. They with the sister long time lived at the grandmother in the village. Her childhood smelled of spring flood and the fried fish who is just prepared in the Russian oven. The grandfather was Jack of all trades - to whom to solder to whom to repair, people paid for it who than could. Fresh fish, vegetables, eggs, milk. The grandmother cooked tasty simple dishes and baked bread. Stewed fish in milk or cream and it in hungry time.

Children caught in the river of crayfish, they smelled of silt. Memoirs of mother attracted in ours today and the seedling of beet which is densely smelling of the earth. And a smell of svezhestruganny boards - it the grandfather made stools. And bread in military years smelled tastelessly. Too many impurity in it is mute was. Heavy and sticky. Grandmother`s bread smelled in a different way it smelled of the grandmother`s tired-out hands. And this smell and remained in mother`s memory as expensive reminiscence of the left grandmother long ago.

My grandmother smelled of potato pies. She and called her - ambulance . The family is big, the house was built, spare cash was not. My childhood smelled of the blossoming cherry in a garden at the granny, pieces of apples which dried on the hot sun. Water-melons which ripe juice flew on our puzika. And still my childhood smelled of tasty toffees and caramel. It is local confectionery indulged the attracting smells. Candy aromas filled the whole districts of the hometown.

A childhood smell - the carbide thrown into a pool. There are no such smells now. Perhaps ceased to use this caustic material? The childhood smells of fresh snow and wet snowballs. Eh, as we them battled! Smells of dust - a little then was in the city of asphalt. And still cream of wheat in kindergarten and hated dairy kissel.

Cod-liver oil. We with the sister took it only for the company. No other reception of this oily, sharply smelling weight was possible. Here for the company is yes!

Holiday. For each public holiday mother prepared a generous table with " salad; " Russian salad; " herring; Under a " fur coat; different house solenost, the traditional stuffed pike perch, the baked kartoshechka and pies. And every holiday all numerous relatives gathered only at us. So it was convenient geographically. The apartment in the downtown and all streams of demonstrations brought into our house. That is at once at a full table. As we loved such holidays! Preparation to them. High spirits. The starched cloths and napkins. Ring of wine glasses and sound of the taking-off champagne cork.

New year smelled of a fir-tree and tangerines. Bengal lights and the cheerful company which became hollow from frost.

And still my childhood smelled of stars. I very much liked to look at them in the evenings and to dream. Their far light seemed to me crystal and smelled of uncertainty, a riddle, my hopes I sent them hi and the devchach secrets

the Childhood smelled of a zoo. Circus. A smell of not cleaned cages. Smell tart and persuasive. Began to smell shavings which strewed an arena.

And still the childhood smelled of the car. Passenger. Every summer we all family went to the sea in a couchette car. It now in many trains purity and an order, and those years You will not confuse this pungent smell with any another. Perhaps, for this reason I so do not like to travel by trains.

A smell of the childhood of my northern nieces - a smell of cheese and fat fish. The father always bought cheese by heads. Children very much loved it. Their childhood smelled of a bitter cold. Under minus sixty when face skin bursts. Honey. In the house there was always a huge can with sweet, odorous honey. Without it it is impossible in the north. Mother`s pies. The sister - the big skilled worker, is in whom. Their childhood smelled of cold medicine. Ice cream. It after cold. Too the father brought it boxes. In the north in general all stocks up with boxes, boxes and bags. Just in case.

Each of us had hard times in life. But the childhood at all smelled in a special way. It smelled of the childhood.

And what was remembered by you? What began to smell at your childhood?