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How to acquire the capital, or it is Not enough to earn much, it is necessary to save up many

Money - a resource necessary, but for some reason often not sufficient. As are big there would be our income, expenses practically always grow quicker. And it is an evident illustration of the law of increase in requirements, not the most pleasant law in our life.

An exit is also it is obvious: money can be saved up. Yes, it is possible, financial conditions today not most favorable for this purpose in the country and in your separately taken family. But let`s remember, for as smaller sum we managed to live in students or just at the beginning of the labor way? Whether need to spend all money what we earn today is so justified? No. It is necessary just to get used to financial discipline.

Besides, there are some useful financial habits which help to accumulate the capital:

1. It is necessary to save money regularly - from each new receipt or from each salary, but at least once a month.

2. It is the best of all to do it not at the end of the month not that remained, and at once that with guarantee.

3. How many to postpone? Financial consultants usually speak about the sum in 10% of the income, it is not burdensome for the budget and without serious consequences for our mentality.

4. Sometimes there are also pleasant surprises - an increase to a salary, other unplanned income. We do not urge to send them completely to fund of the name Rainy Day . To please itself and relatives, to raise a standard of living - worthy business. However to postpone part of this increase, optimum a half - the reasonable decision of the reasonable person.

5. The most important - where to postpone - in a stocking, in a mattress, in a jug, prikopanny in an ogorodika? No! Money has to make money. Risks are possible? Of course. But, we are guided by the principle Not to put all eggs in one " basket;. Real estate, actions, mutual funds, bank deposits on special conditions. Yes, yes! Even, if you have a small salary, everything listed too can bring in the progressing income. It is worth beginning and to consistently adhere to financial discipline. Even if part of means will burn down in the next cataclysm, the profit from remained quite can cover losses. Consult with financially competent acquaintances, ask bank employees to calculate your income on the made contribution on rather long term - the result can strike you. You should not underestimate mathematical progressions.

Here thus, having begun with following to these simple councils, and then, having comprehended other subtleties and nuances of creation of own state, you can become very provided if not really rich person. Seriously. Just believe in it.