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What put future prepares for me? About strangenesses of the American life. Part 3

Mysterious are the ways of the Lord! Sometimes the destiny can unexpectedly abandon you in such place about which existence you also did not suspect. However, all one after another: it will be a question of the decision sanitary problems in separately taken rossiysko - the American family.

I already noticed that all small household troubles in our house begin or late at night, or on the weekend that is when the help has no place to wait. This time everything was as usual. About midnight the husband told that in his bathroom the crane began to flow, he fast will replace laying and will go to sleep. Naive person! For a start he decided to close the crane in the pipe bringing to the mixer. The crane was safely turned and began to flow. Now gushed forth in two places!

Having heard a sound the falling " falls; I hurried to the aid with pans and rags. These measures only for a short time solved a problem. It was necessary to block urgently the main crane in the water system bringing to the house. It was in 200 meters from the house. To go at night on the desert where it is full of venomous snakes, to treasured to a box with the " crane; there was no strong wish. It was decided to do this way round by car. No sooner said than done!

The next morning, the husband unscrewed both current cranes and decided to go to the city in household shop behind laying. The seller quickly found the necessary goods, and we moved back home, believing that the problem in principle is solved. Laying was put 5 minutes, I descended to to a water box also discovered water Having come back home, I found out that water flows even stronger from just repaired cranes, and the husband all with the same pans and rags tries to appease water elements. There is nothing to do, fast rushed off back and blocked water.

Already got dark, and it meant that we were left again without water as did not manage to reserve its sufficient quantity for such emergency. And still it meant that neither to be washed, nor we not could use normally a toilet. Water was only for drink and cooking.

The next morning the husband began to ring round the different shops having departments with water taps. At the same time he explained that in the house the non-standard sanitary equipment, including mixers, an eyeliner to them and other is installed. Managers on other end of a wire explained that they can help nothing. At last, when the husband already absolutely despaired, some person by phone advised it to visit shop where it is possible to find details to water system for all occasions, and gave the address of this institution. In 5 minutes we rushed to the city again, being afraid, as if this shop was not closed as there was a Friday.

Having strayed on different streets, we, at last, achieved the objectives of our travel. Before shop the man of average years sat and smoked a cigarette. We opened a door and were dumbfounded... To our look the following picture appeared. The small room was divided by a bar counter into two unequal parts: the smaller part with high chairs intended for visitors, the most part - for warehousing of goods. Generally, everything reminded the ragman`s bench where on different racks and on a floor in a chaotic disorder were dumped in different heaps of a box and a kulechka. In to a zone for visitors on a floor plush children`s toys rolled, and some very old pictures and advertizing hung on walls.

The husband began to scan the room eyes in search of the seller. Suddenly from - for a rack very elderly dry old woman, crooked life and time came up. By sight it could give years ninety, and, maybe, and all hundred. Her face was cut up by deep wrinkles, on the head kudryavitsya rare chemical lamb through round points looked at us two sharp as a pricker, eyes. The elderly lady opened a mouth and an opposite gravelly voice began to wear men who understand nothing in water business, and come here and stand up for the rights

the Husband tried to stop a stream of her eloquence, but it persistently continued to develop the touched subject. When the old woman for a second became silent, the husband asked whether there is somebody here to whom it is possible to talk about our problems. She showed the door behind which the seller smoked. It returned to this moment on a workplace, that is for a bar counter, the old woman got up near it.

The husband got the mixer from a bathroom and the crane of an eyeliner and explained that it needs just the same equipment. The old woman and the seller disappeared in a subsoil of shop, but they went diversely. In a minute both returned with boxes. When the man opened a box, the elderly lady is bad laughed, having compared our mixer to brought. Further with the triumphing smile it opened the box in which there was a " mixer; one in one as ours.

The husband with surprise looked at the old woman, and she quietly answered that she is an owner of this shop, and this stupid person - the seller - her son! Further the turn reached the eyeliner crane. She advised not to buy this crane as it has a marvelous sealant which will help to liquidate a leakage. Of course, we at once bought the mixer and a sealant. The husband shone with happiness and like to the old woman gentle love . Pacified, we left shop, and the old woman went out of doors to smoke.

While we took seat in the car, the thought came to the husband to mind to ask the owner of shop about something, not belonging to our problem. He went out of the car, talked to the old woman a couple of minutes, then they for a long time left in shop. Through some time it returned with a smile on lips, in one hand there was laying which the hostess presented it, and in the second - her business card!

Having come back home, the husband very quickly installed into place the mixer and a sealant. Leakages were liquidated. After visit of this little shop I understood two things: the antique old woman will give hundred points to any American plumber as regards non-standard details for any water system forward. She knows it and feels like the queen in the to a bench. Around Tucson there is a set of the houses built at different times and all their inhabitants will be her clients sooner or later.

And the second: it is always necessary to have a water-supply in the house just in case.