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What do we prepare? The eggplants stuffed fermented or kegs with a celery ? (*)

Very tasty snack from the " series; preparations for the winter . It was possible to buy fermented eggplants from grandmas on a market earlier, and now even I do not know. We do not buy vegetable konservation and a pickles long ago - we train them in the fall.

Since the childhood I remember the spicy, ostropakhnushchy brevnyshka with garlic and carrot inside which are carefully tied with celery stalks. Mother sometimes did them in the right frame of mind. To chagrin, our with the sister, this dish never happened much and it was eaten for some reason quickly.

Well of course if to boil kartoshechka and cutlets to fry, and eggplants, having cut on pieces, to lay out culturally on plateaus... And if it is stupid to get a saucepan (bank) from the refrigerator, to break off a piece of white loaf with a crust from a fresh loaf and to begin to absorb a delicacy, getting soft pieces a fork directly in a mouth, then hardly it for a long time will last. It is a shame to me, but I still like to eat so - it seems I steal these blue from myself - both there is a wish, and it is not a pity and I can stop. Just some drug!

I early left from the house - moved to the big city to grow wise - reason and forgot about mother`s eggplants. Remembered, only when married, and it was necessary to learn to kukhovarit also economy of a message house. Here - that mother also came to the rescue of me. No, not physically, in view of the distance dividing us. She presented me several books from the library: culinary, baby food and the book on preservation - type a pickles - pickling of vegetables and an other product. You would see this book! She is hundred years old during the lunchtime.

There is no cover, a page colors of old times pure to you sepia, from decrepitude already collapse. But I am not going to leave the assistant, so many years to me gave advice: and as to ferment cabbage and as to prepare pepper on a farshirovka, about tomatoes and cucumbers... Well and about eggplants told too. And I to you will retell and I will prompt how to simplify process.

I will brag: this fall already my daughter called and asked the recipe of blue. Book I of course clamped and entered the recipe into the computer, and by e-mail sent, glory to the Internet! By the way, the oldest daughter is called as well as us with mother.

The eggplants stuffed fermented (the recipe from the old book).

1 - y option (original). fresh it is necessary for

On 10 kg of eggplants: carrots of 2 kg, a root of parsley of 500 g, onions of 500 g, garlic of 30 - 35 cloves, greens of parsley of 100 g, salt (total, including a salting of eggplants) 200 - 300, a celery (stalks and leaves for a binding) 250 g, sunflower oil - for roasting of 500 g and for filling of 500 g.

The selected eggplants darkly - violet coloring presoak within 10 - 15 min., wash in cold water, clean, deleting fruit stems, and do a cut on length, having receded from the ends of eggplants on 2 - 3 cm

the Cleared eggplants place in ware with the added some salt water (30 g of salt on 1 l of water) and boil to semi-readiness of 30 - 40 min. (the blunt end of a match at small effort has to puncture fruits). The boiled thoroughly eggplants take out, allow to flow down to water and stack warm in 2 - 3 rows on a wooden board or a table. From above put the sheet of pure plywood or a board on eggplants, then bends and leave on 4 - 6 h for removal of moisture.

Greens (stalks) of a celery are washed, stacked in ware, filled in with boiled water and left for 15 - 20 min. then take out and allow to cool down. Stalks at the same time become soft and elastic. Thick stalks divide into several parts on length. Greens of parsley are sorted, deleting unsuitable leaflets, wash in flowing water and cut pieces up to 1 cm long. Garlic is peeled, washed, allow to flow down to water and pounded in a mortar.

Onions are peeled, washed, cut plates up to 0,5 cm thick and fried in heated (to 130 - 140 C) sunflower oil till golden color. Carrots and white korenye after soaking wash in flowing water, clear, rinse and cut in noodles or cubes. The cut root crops extinguish with sunflower oil to semi-readiness, mix with the fried onions, add salt to taste, and all carefully mix greens of parsley.

When forcemeat is ready, remove oppression from eggplants and stuff them through a cut then tie up stalks of a celery and densely stack in ware. Each layer season with salt and pounded garlic. From above eggplants fill in with the sunflower oil (calcinated) stack a podgnetny board (the pure wooden levels adjusted by the size) and bends (it is possible - granite stones or a cobble-stone, it is impossible - iron freights).

The Kvashenny stuffed eggplants will not sterilize therefore they need to be stored in a cellar or the cool room at a temperature not over 8 - 10 and not lower than a 0 C. Suitability term in food of eggplants at cold storage -

of 6 months

of 2 - y option (simplified) code-named kegs with a celery .

generally, all according to the original recipe, but with little changes. In - the first, roots of parsley are quite replaced with the same amount of onions - onions of forcemeat will not spoil! And in - the second, blue the average size we cut before cooking across on 2 - 3 " at once; keg (do not forget to subtract from total of salt in the recipe the weight of the salt dissolved in water). It is necessary to cook eggplants in a big wide pan or a bowl, having covered from above with a cover.

In 20 - 30 min. to check wrinkled kegs on readiness. To lay out them on the enameled baking sheets (trays) and to leave for the night (the flown-down liquid with bitterness to pour out). Carrots I rub on a large grater, I cut onions cubes, I press garlic. The stuffing turns out beautiful and tasty if when frying to add to onions of a little red sweet and bitter pepper passed via the meat grinder.

And, at last, the most pleasant - we take keg impudently we thrust inside the fingers and we move apart pulp, doing deepening. Now it was necessary only to fill keg forcemeat and to tie up as to a banderolk celery small stalks (not to tear off leaves!) . Turned out pakunochka to lay dense beds in 3 - l banks, seasoning with salt and greasing with garlic. Not to fill banks to top!

Sunflower oil needs to be warmed up in a frying pan on small fire and to fill in with it blue in order to avoid emergence of a mold in the course of ferment. Banks to tie with pure rags and to leave in kitchen for days - two, having enclosed under them flat plates. Excess liquid should be selected. You store blue under plastic lids on the lower shelves of the refrigerator. Try not to eat everything for several days at once - they will seem the late fall to you even more tasty if d not perekisnut. Pleasant feelings!

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