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For what small seasonal dachas are necessary?

B 60 - x years of the XX century agricultural experiment which results exerted huge impact practically on each person living on the well-known 1/6 part of the globe was made. Moreover, this experiment continues to exert the impact to this day.

In a midland of Russia (climatic conditions - the most extended to territories of the USSR, the soil too of the most widespread structure) sites on 4 hundred parts for cultivation of the vegetables and fruit adapted for this climate were allocated. That is to all of us known apples, pears, plums, potatoes, carrots, vegetable marrows, pumpkins, currant and so on.

Processing of sites manually, without application of mechanical means was an indispensable condition of experiment, and - is not more often than two times a week. Experimental conditions remind nothing to you, dear Reader?

The result was stunning: it appears, the tiny handkerchief of the earth, 4 weave in size is capable to provide with vegetables and fruit an average family (4 persons) for the whole year! And it - at lazy manual processing by means of a shovel, a chopper and invocation to otherworldly forces.

It is natural that after receiving such encouraging results, seasonal dachas began to distribute. Of course, not all sites were such small, but - small or big - all of them successfully coped with the task assigned to them: providing the population with vitamins regardless of store counters.

Recently I even more often should hear: And who needs such tiny wheelbarrow? All the same there nothing will grow. And there is no place to grow up that - . Of course, if giving is got as the vacation spot - such country house where it is possible to indulge in pleasant idleness on a nature bosom, - that the site in 4 hundred parts is really catastrophically small. From all directions it is surrounded by the neighboring houses, having extended hands in the parties it is possible to reach a fence almost And - there are too much people.

If you fry a shish kebab on such site, then all your neighbors on five houses will sglatyvat extensively hungry saliva or to come on a spark attracted with aroma. If to neighbors there arrived guests or at you in the neighbourhood the big family has a rest - that you will be aware of all of them affairs, family scandals; radio to which the head of the family listens will bother you to intolerableness; dance music, which gets the youth, will bore you to an allergy Transfer of inconveniences of the small seasonal dacha as vacation spots, it is possible to continue almost indefinitely.

But it - if you are only going to have a rest at the dacha. If you get giving with the purpose to vitaminize a table of the family or to ensure physical activity, then 4 - x you will have enough hundred parts for eyes.

Physical activity is perfectly provided by gymnastic exercises over beds, harvesting represents work with a complex of magnificent exercise machines (beginning from a racetrack - jog with buckets and banks from a bush or a tree to the car, finishing with the rowing exercise machine - a swinging shooting for fruit), weeding - reception of natural solar bathtubs.

And harvest If to put good grades of fruit-trees and bushes, then any year on such site you will not be left without vitamins. If year is not apple, then raspberry will surely be born if strawberry for any reason was a barren flower, be sure - you will be pleased by currant. If tomatoes are eaten by a phytophthora, then sweet pepper will grow in incredible quantity. Anyway, it is impossible to be left without harvest even if a half of landings will be gone. The second - that a half will remain!

Only two bushes of red currant are capable to give 50 - 60 liters of berries a year. Raspberry brake of 1,5 in size × 2 m give 20 liters of berries a year. Two apple-trees of traditional grades (you know, such big and red apples, inside pink - at us call them shtreyfel, or big and green - uels) in bumper-crop year bring to ton of apples, and after processing in jam, jam, compotes and juice of it safely lasts for two years, till the following apple harvest (such apple-trees are in the habit to fructify violently time in two years). If you plant palmetny apple-trees, then harvests will be more modest, but - every year. Three plums thrust where - nibud in a site corner are capable to bring from 50 to 150 liters of berries a year. And one tree of a cherry plum will fill up you with a harvest so that you will give to neighbors of berry buckets - that only did not decay.

If to plan the handkerchief competently, to plant trees and bushes on perimeter along a fencing, that all other place is a kitchen garden. For strawberry and wild strawberry it is possible to make a hill from terraska, and even to grow up them simply in the barrel filled with the earth.

Those who consider that the harvest can be received only in case of careful leaving elimination of weeds, moles and mice - are mistaken. It is necessary to weed beds, of course. But if for it there is not enough time, the then rather mostly negligent weeding, that is to pull out the most malicious and high weeds. When sprouts of vegetables already rose, they will safely grow up, without paying attention to an orach. The same cucumbers, expanding, perfectly press all weeds, and even use them for fixing of short moustaches. The main thing - to weed beds at the most initial stage when sprouts still small and gentle not to allow weeds to strangle them.

The only vegetable which really demands careful leaving it is tomato. Therefore it is better not to plant tomatoes if there is no confidence that for leaving there will be enough forces and time. And all the rest perfectly feels at an attention minimum - visit of times to week.

So if you need a site where you will be able to grow up vegetables and fruit for the family, and at the same time and to be gathered health - safely get handkerchief in 4 hundred parts. Experimenters of the XX century were right - on it there is quite enough place for an agricultural feat.