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In total not and all not that?

For some reason all of us begin to move and live actively with capital letter of this word only when we are given a good kick. Paradox? Yes, is not present - regularity. At first we promedlyat in one business, then in another, - here private life swept in depths of hell. And all from lack of the CORRECT internal installations. This morning on radio the leader told that it is always necessary to be positive, and, already convinced how he right there began, as if apologizing, to claim that without pragmatism the positive spirit it seems as well as does not help. Generally, it, without realizing that, gave the installations.

If you think that tomorrow will be same as well as on last, and a week before last awful, then, as if you, having woken up in the morning, did not hope for series only of positive events, nothing good happens. Here then you in thousand time convince yourself not to trust in as just to bear the cross. BUT! To Podumatya at least once! If you within at least week were in a state which can be characterized as in total not and all not that that your subconsciousness already so got used to a role of the executioner that when you want to smile, it will automatically return you to a state, already habitual for it. Consider that you the robot. Only the program in the head of this robot is put by you. Also try to remember and write down on a sheet of paper at least ten negative installations which (I know) you have in a head. Now take one more sheet of paper and all those negative installations that are available for you before eyes, transform to positive. For example, I will never learn English change on I already know a certain number of words of English, I need a little time and I will increase rates of storing

The worst assistants in our life is a fear of negative result and presence of internal barriers, borders which the person most often to himself thinks out. When you understand that the concepts fear does not exist at all, you substantially facilitate life to the nervous system and in general yourself to darling(s). In the childhood our parents taught us to be afraid anyway to organize us and our behavior. Unfortunately now, when we are big uncles and aunts, this most fear will very actively disorganize all our life, turning all our aspirations, dreams and undertakings into a sand house and fog. Here it is also worth becoming thoughtful - whether there is this most fear those victims which we bring to his legs. Something in you speaks to you is not present ? And who here boss, unless not you? Tell yourself affirmative DA !