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To whom Marina Tsvetaeva was married: for the writer or the spy?

on October 9, 1893, 115 years ago, in a family of narodovolets of Yakov Efron and Elizabeth Durnovo the son who was named Sergey was born. It was enough - the late child to our measures: mother was 38 years old by then (according to other data - 40), the father for a year was more senior than her or is younger. To it there were 39.

Elizabeth Durnovo`s biography is characteristic at least the fact that this woman was in the fight forefront for education of the Russian people, personally knew such visible narodovolets as Pyotr Kropotkin and Sergey Stepnyak - Kravchinsky. Apparently, she early enough left a native home and devoted herself to those who liquidated illiteracy in the Russian remote place. Where they got acquainted with Efron, history, seemingly, holds back, but the fact remains: they were adherents for the time being. Ways - paths in political life dispersed when Yakov participated in murder of the provoker and then this heavy freight carried all life. It left from National will .

Children children, revolution - revolution

A here Elizabeth, having grown up children, again returned to revolution, having entered Social Revolutionaries a party. Sergey was the sixth child from nine, however, three died in infancy. However, it quickly enough calculated arrested and concluded in Butyrka. She spent about a year in prison, and returned deep old woman having hallucinations. Sergey was only 13 years old at this time. In the same year Elizabeth with the younger son Konstantin was transported to France.

In 1909 Yakov Efron suddenly died. Elizabeth could not recover from a grief. And here still new trouble: Konstantin, having quarreled with mother, decided to intimidate her what will hang itself. Fitted a rope, put the head in a loop and slipped. When Elizabeth Petrovna entered the room, he did not breathe any more

Mad mother did not find anything the best, than most to die. Sergey learned about it much later, sisters hid from him the truth, knowing that he is suffering from tuberculosis

In May, 1911 it arrived to Koktebel, to the uncle - to Maksimilian Voloshin. At Max also Marina Tsvetaeva stops. It had quite rough youth, the heart broken from one-way love, and she did not hope any more that in the world there is a young man capable to return it to life. She and admitted to Max Voloshin: Max, I will marry the one who will guess what my favourite stone .

Sergej Efron, high, thin, with huge colors of the sea eyes, presented to Marina in the first day of acquaintance the Genoa serdolikovy bead which Tsvetaeva carried then with herself all life

Met not to leave

It. They found in each other so much interesting that the whole two months which carried out in Koktebel did not leave. And then again - together they went further. Marina who was more senior than Sergey decided on self-sacrifice for the sake of the new acquaintance. As she fairly considered, only the passionate love was capable to help it to overcome a serious illness

This talented couple established a family on January 27, 1912. This day in Moscow Marina Tsvetaeva and Sergej Efron`s wedding took place. Marina took a surname of the husband by which at first and subscribed.

On September 18, 1912 they gave birth to the daughter who was named Ariadna. But so far they one (in 1911) each of them makes each other a gift. Marina - prepares for printing the book of verses - Magic lamp Sergey - the book of prose Childhood in which describes life of a children`s world: sketches, talk, memories of the earliest. And in the final chapter Magician the bright portrait of seventeen-year-old Mara in whom Marina Tsvetaeva is without effort recognized is drawn.

A bit later he will fade into the background of big talent of the spouse, and before he still will manage to arrive on philological faculty of the Moscow university. But here war interfered with life. World War I. Sergej Efron together with the brother registers the volunteer, he is appointed the male nurse in a sanitary echelon. However, it did not mean at all that he decided to devote all life to medicine. In 1917 it graduates from yunkersky school after which does not go to the front, and remains in Moscow.

The White Guard officer with red lining

When data that in St. Petersburg Bolsheviks came to the power come to Moscow, Efron is full of determination to battle against the risen proletariat, he only - only received the ensign`s shoulder straps. But forces were unequal, and Efron runs to Novocherkassk, under banners of Voluntary army. Later he admits that it happened while number volunteers did not exceed 200 people

In nearly three years of fights the officer Efron never served at a staff, always was in the forefront, was twice wounded. He participated in the well-known Ice campaign, fights in the Crimea. Together with the remains of White Guard troops runs to Turkey, at first in Gallipoli, then to Constantinople. In 1921 French suggested everyone to the Russian emigrants to go to the Slavic countries. So Efron appears in Prague.

They do not see Marina about three years. Sometimes correspond. The most interesting that he addresses it expressly politely, on You from capital letter. During this time their younger daughter perishes. And Marina promises Sergey to present the son.

The son Georgi is born on February 1, 1925. Evil tongues say that his father is the new love of Marina - Konstantin Rodzevich. They meet not really long period of time, only three months. But this term to Konstantin appears enough to understand what abyss is between it, the ordinary person, and Marina whether the ingenious poet

was Known about the rival by Sergey? You never can tell. But he, perhaps, suspected that here something is wrong. According to eyewitnesses, Georgi who in a family was called Moscow criminal investigation department it was similar to mother while from Sergey Yakovlevich did not take any line. And there can be all this leisure conjectures

Sergej Efron is disappointed in the White movement soon. In the same 1925 when they moved to Paris, it joins group of Eurasians and is one of editors of the " magazine; Versts which the most radical part of emigration considers probolshevitsky. And Efron for eyes is called Bolshevik

Work on investigation did not rescue from a bullet...

He does not hide the sympathies for the Soviet Union, and it does not escape the Soviet intelligence agents from attention. Efron becomes the agent of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, it is given certain tasks which he performs. As some historians will tell then, thus the writer wanted to rehabilitate himself in the opinion of compatriots. As the true gentleman, Sergey Yakovlevich does not devote in the double game neither the wife, nor children

of the First there comes to the Soviet Union Ariadna. Her parents continue to remain abroad until the agent Andreyev (a KGB nickname of Efron) does not fall under suspicion in connection with political murder. He manages to run to the Soviet Union, and also his spouse soon returns home both Ariadna, and Sergey Yakovlevich are

during Stalin repressions in prison. But if the daughter managed to live up to release, then Efron is sentenced to execution. The sentence is carried out in August, 1941.

They with Marina were so close to each other that she feel at once: it does not exist any more. Not in forces to struggle with trouble, Marina dies. In 1943 Georgi the volunteer leaves on the front and dies in one of the first fights. The only person from all family who remained - the daughter Ariadna. She learns in 1955 that her father is rehabilitated. Whether but parents and the brother nobody to return to it in forces

Knew Marin Tsvetaev that lived along with the writer and the spy? If not thoroughly, then guessed. But to change something it was incapable. It was its cross