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What types of gifts happen?

are A lot of gifts, good and different, people receive during holidays. Especially during New Year`s holidays. But not all from them please. It is especially difficult to please women. And it is even more difficult to expect reaction to a gift.

I offer playful classification of gifts. Perhaps, it is worth reflecting sometimes in advance, than there will be your gift after its delivery to the addressee?


It is a good gift. In any case, that time until the woman is still busy with deployment of a wrapper (and the surprise remains a surprise) - it is happy. After that her mood can develop according to four scenarios.

1. Genuine happiness.

It happens in case you made impossible and guessed desire of your woman. If your woman clever - she tries to facilitate preliminary guessing of desire, for example, thinly to hint at a gift of the dream. Sometimes, in especially hard cases, the woman can hint and remind every day what she dreams of. If the woman reminds every day - means, or she not really clever, or you have a sclerosis and there were precedents with a zabyvaniye or a pereputyvaniye of gifts.

2. Polite smile.

With words: Thanks, darling, is so pleasant to me . And same polite kiss on the cheek. Or in space near a cheek approximately at distance of several centimeters from it.

3. Bewilderment.

Darling to me very much likes these wonderful pieces, but how they are called? What, set of screw guns? Very lovely from your party .

4. Indignation.

Fi, these diamonds too small. I will not carry them!

Custom gift.

Attention. If, passing by a show-window, your girl suddenly exclaims: Oh, what strange bagatelle! - you can consider it as the direct order or a delicate hint, as you wish. If travel by this show-window become regular on the eve of some holiday and meters for 20 to a show-window you already by heart know that you will hear from charming favourite lips - it is already the order, but not a hint. And to submit or not - to solve to you.

Incorrectly bought custom gift. It is possible

if the hint on a gift was too thin or you paid it not enough attention. Reaction to such gift can be any, depending on character, mood, health of the woman, a phase of the moon and day of a female cycle, an arrangement of planets in the sky and your behavior at the time of donation of a gift - watch the previous 4 types of the scenario of reaction to a gift.

Useful thingummy. only that thingummy which was necessary to your woman and at this moment admits to

Useful. For one woman a frying pan - a useful thingummy, for another - an occasion to knock you something heavy on the head that you did not try to make of it the kitchen slave.

Expensive thingummy.

Expensive thingummies are loved more by unmarried girls, than wives with whom at you the general budget. From the point of view of the wife, expensive thingummy can be senseless expenditure of money, especially, if this expenditure was not in advance coordinated with it and intended on something else. And there is no money left for another any more.

Pleasant thingummy.

to Classify a thingummy gratefulness depending on its color, weight, the form or the sizes is practically not possible. If at the sight of the similar bagatelle seen on someone another (at someone another) you see fire in the opinion of the girl and unflattering comparisons of the happy owner of a thingummy with the girl, can consider that such thingummy will be potentially pleasant also to your girl. But nobody gives guarantees. Even if you truly guessed object of desire - can still change.

The gift bought in a hurry. Can be

both a pleasant surprise, and a reason for charges of your callousness and a carelessness. If the gift bought in a hurry pleased your girl - means, or you were very lucky with a gift, or you were very lucky with the girl. Even, if she at the same time was not lucky with a gift. Such girls meet very seldom, include them in the Red List and to them forbid to watch that movie from Maralyn Monro in which she sings about diamonds, the best friends of girls. Consider that such girl - the best gift. As at most - for you, at least - for your purse.

Good luck to you in purchases. And let your woman will carry a gift to the category Pleasant thingummy also will show reaction Genuine happiness .