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Whether financial crisis will affect Russia? Pineapples in champagne

At first for a priming an old joke:

In hotel the fire. All run, shout:

- Waters, waters.

Here a door of one of numbers opens and from there the drunk voice reaches:

- And in the tenth number of champagne!

the Ghost wanders about the world - the ghost of financial crisis. Banks burst one by one. Brokers opened windows and prepare for a ritual jump. Labor exchanges stood waiting for new clients. Restaurants and pubs became empty. Europe raped by the American mortgage crisis thought of introduction of national currencies instead of euro. In the city of Uryupinsk discuss falling of an index of Dow indecent very much - Jones. The Minister of Finance of Russia perplexed claps eyelashes in search of the assets which were gone in America.

What is it - world financial crisis? Where this finance from pockets of respectable investors disappears? And what to do to the ordinary Russian inhabitant who is not burdened by deposits in banks, future contracts and a controlling stake Gazprom ?

It is necessary to do nothing. For it already all made others. Those which drilled holes in the earth pumped black gold, turned it into green pieces of paper and bought on them the securities provided with the uncle Sam`s guarantee. And the fact that this uncle can throw somehow did not reflect. The whole ten years could be done nothing except how to monitor the quotations on BRENT brand oil creeping up.

It was not necessary to develop heavy mechanical engineering and light industry. Why, there is near by China in which is cheaper and cheaper many times. It was not necessary to support small business. It is so difficult to control it, and there is a wish to know about all everything. It was not necessary to fight against corruption. Why to spit in a well, it is useful to get drunk voditsa.

Dova... delyvatsya. To drink late Borjomi when the liver falls off. The time, is time to recognize that went quickly, but again not there. What once again on us was palmed off by maps not of that district. That our wise management peremudrit something there. It is good still that orders reached not all staff.

Eh to develop our armored train rushing at full speed to the next railway deadlock. Stood on side-tracks earlier, disturbed nobody, but commanded respect. So not, raskochegarit. Outlined coal in the bunker, new put the driver, approved the plan of a trip. The whistle was updated and gone.

Yes so that all steam in this whistle also came out. But hooted thoroughly. Will be what to remember on empire disorders. And clubs aglitsky bought, and the capitals built - reconstructed, and skyscrapers budgetary in them built. Lukull with envy observed through centuries and licked lips.

Farewell, marvelous, wonderful times. The ghost of financial crash came to us from the West. It moves towards to the sun and takes all new and new spaces. But we, as well as it is necessary to the Russian people, we do not despond. Ministers from screens of TVs prove that our financial system the strongest in the world (from what it?). The ruble is strong more than ever, and Dow`s index - Jones to us to a pofig. Everything is correct

why to look for water during the fire. It is possible to shout from the recess:

- And in the tenth number of champagne!