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How to return the husband, without having dropped the advantage?

the Subject of love triangles is eternal. About it many books are written, the huge number of movies is removed. And you, for certain, looking the next such movie, sympathized with the heroine and at the same time were sure that it does not happen to you. You so love each other! You will live long and happily and will die in one day!

And once you begin to notice strange changes for the husband: he suddenly decided to throw off couple of extra kilos, is late at a mirror longer, became more captious to the choice of clothes, perfume replaced on more prestigious and road... But you even thoughts do not assume that the reason of these changes is covered .

And suddenly because it always occurs as a thunder among the clear sky, you learn that it has another . Likely, it is that case when all feelings at the same time boil:

- pain - betrayed you the closest and darling;

- anger - exchanged you for that which did not give the best years, did not give birth to it to children, did not help to become that whom it became;

- disappointment - seemed to you that it not such as others that it is better, he will never act this way, he loves only you.

As to be in a similar situation? How to leave it, having kept a family and at the same time without having lost the advantage?

The first and most important - to constrain emotions ! Only this way and not differently. It is difficult, it is almost impossible, but in it the key to success.

Quite natural desire which appears at once, to learn - who is she, how old is she, as these relations last long and as far as they are serious. But whether here it is worth doing it? Think properly.

How you are going to learn it? You will ask his friends, you will begin to watch it after work, to read it to the SMS? But, in my opinion, it is humiliating, and from outside is even ridiculous. Ask it? But whether you will be able to restrain at this moment from a hysterics? And how you will look at the same time? I am afraid, not really attractively.

At best, you will cause in it pity, and in the worst - disgust. And, above all - he will know that you it is aware of its novel, and it not in your advantage. If you tell him that you know all, will make a row, and then will remain with it, he will be sure that you are afraid to lose it. And time forgave now, means - forgive again. And this it is just impossible to allow.

So collect all will in a fist, have patience and make everything that he preferred you. I will give only a few general advice, and the rest already on a situation. You know " better; weak places the husband. But before I want to emphasize: these councils suit only if you really love it and are ready to forgive.

1. Take care of the own life. You descend in good beauty shop and cardinally change image. Also you do not say that it is expensive, believe - the result is worth it. Now not time to save on itself. In - the first, it is the first and considerable change which will be evident to your husband, and in - the second, it though will a little distract you from experiences.

2. Try to communicate with those with whom you will not speak about the misfortunes . For example, children. You descend together in circus, in park, at cinema. You will not discuss behavior of the father with them.

3. Buy a new dress or a blouse, and it is still obligatory - new linen. If you usually carry linen of black and white color, then now you need to change the habit and to buy, for example, a pink lacy set. The main thing - it has to be very sexual. Also do not think that I to you will advise to tempt in this sexual set the husband, not at all now. The effect will be stronger if you allow it to see accidentally it, putting on somewhere where you will go one. You understand to what I?

4. Break a habitual way of life! Changes in appearance and clothes - it is fine, but that your husband really became nervous, change what he got used to. I will explain.

You are the remarkable hostess , perfectly you prepare. But now sometimes put too much salt or even allow a dinner to burn slightly slightly. And when you pour coffee in the husband`s cup (at his presence) make a pensive look and you look at the same time not in a cup, and, for example, in a window. And, certainly, absolutely incidentally pour by, well to spill on a table.

You understand about what I? As we usually react to such changes: You of what constantly think? What is your head occupied with? You what fell in love? . Vooot! It the fact that it is necessary. You think - nonsense? Believe, works, still as, it is checked personally.

Usually you negatively reacted to late returns your husband, arranged him interrogation. He, naturally, thought out everyones excuses and as a result - it is pure, and you the quarrelsome wife. We will change it too.

On hours - 12 nights, your husband comes back and at him is already ready next fairy tale for you, he is sure that now there will be questions You where were? Why did not answer calls? . By the way, about calls on mobile - do not abuse it. Let will reflect why suddenly you ceased it to get .

But we distracted. And so, it enters and prepared for the next family dismantling. And you will not give it such pleasure! As soon as it opens a mouth, tell approximately so: Darling, I so want to sleep, give you to me everything tomorrow you will tell if you want . And now, as Zadornov speaks, derive pleasure from it looks . Class! He did not expect it in any way! And, above all - you left it alone with the fault before you.

I know that it is hard, believe, I know. But when you will see result, will understand that game is worth the candle. I remember, one my friend, followed my advice (though it was given her hardly), and as a result of her delight there was no limit. Support effect with the fact that next morning do not even give a hint at its yesterday`s late return. Let now the head hurt it about what occurs.

One more small cunning . Your husband on Saturdays in certain time goes to play soccer or tennis with friends. He got used, that you complain, that better he would spend this time with a family that friends are dearer to it that instead of tennis at it perhaps a meeting with the blonde from the next department... In a word, he knows that you every time reluctantly release it.

And so, now on the contrary - show very clearly and behavior that you will not wait in any way when it leaves. For example, few times ask as if accidentally: Darling, you will not be late? I Think, it is not necessary to explain to what I conduct.

It as game which surely as a result will bring a prize. You anyway in a prize: became better to look, raised a self-assessment, the husband saw in you the woman again. Only do not play! The purpose - to stir up the husband to force to pay attention to you again, but not to set to it you know that.

Hardly begun novel can be beautiful and romantic, but at the long-term relations fastened with love, respect, understanding, children, homeliness, huge advantage.

So stop to be depressed. Begin with game better and win ! And I wish you good luck!