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As it is good to be able to read! Whether it is actual today?

Who does not remember these remarkable lines of Valentin Berestov: As it is good to

to be able to read!

it is not necessary to stick to mother,

should not shake the grandmother:

Read, please, read!

should not beg the sister:

Well, read still the " page;.

should not be called,

should not wait,

A can take

I to be considered it!

It is valid, a time ago reading books was favourite occupation of millions of school students. I remember how once with girlfriends, having re-read houses all possible children`s books, we thought up the next entertainment. Took out on the street of several read books and organized some kind of fair: shortly told each other contents and tried to exchange the attracted copies. And then with pleasure carried away home new friends also plunged into the unknown world of adventures and magic. Probably, now in it there is nothing mysterious and unusual: who does not change books, who not a beret at friends and colleagues the praised novelty? But it is so ordinary looks only in adulthood, and in the childhood everything was differently. We returned back the books seldom. As a rule, next time, exchanged the same copies already with the next applicants, and there was also it that the book so got into children`s soul what to leave with kind friend there was no wish at all, the copy in that case exchanged took a place of honor on the home shelf I learned to Read

early enough, years in three. Thanks to my mummy who quickly and fascinatingly opened for me this new and fascinating world that is called reading. And here is how now I remember the next amusing story from the childhood. Business was so In our modest officer apartment there were many books, and the place as you understand, it is not enough. After various subscription and collection editions took available places in a bookcase and on shelves, children`s books removed to lockers, our with the sister. And as books there was a huge set, those that intended for children are more senior, were placed in a table - a curbstone. You remember, probably, such traditional subject of an interior of all Soviet apartments?

For some reason in the early childhood it seemed to me that to read the new book secretly - it is much more interesting And as it was inadmissible to take something hidden without the permission of adults, and besides if to consider that the cover of that table was quite heavy for the child of five years, then it is possible to imagine with what emotions I got in " storage; behind the next small volume of children`s literature Daily during the lunchtime, having waited when mother lulls the newborn little sister, and tired in a night will fall asleep with her near, I went to the next book adventure Raised sideways a table cover as far as forces allowed, on cards crept to the treasured town, chose, with bated breath, the attracted novelty and that nobody saw, here so under a table with ecstasy read, read, read It is already ridiculous to remember it what heavy the disturbing table cover why it was necessary to sit surely with each new edition under a table seemed, but not where - nibud in a chair and why, for example, then it was simple not to ask the book for parents Probably, modern children are hardly capable of such acts Judge

, friends. As show sociological polls, Russians stopped being the most reading nation, having yielded the palm not only to Indians and Chinese, but also Thais, Filipinos and Egyptians. According to experts, most Indians who spend for this occupation of nearly 11 hours in a week read now. At Russians this indicator makes a little more than 7 hours while average world equals 6,5. According to survey conducted by " fund; Public opinion in the spring of last year, more or less regularly something is read by three quarters of Russians. Every second reads newspapers, every third - books, every fourth - magazines. By the way, the fourth part of respondents declared that it does not read ANYTHING at all.

Meanwhile, few years ago the chairman of the Russian Book Union (RBU) approved the National program of support and development of reading which purpose is increase of literacy and intellectual level of citizens of our country. And here, at last - this program gradually began to be realized also in my native Volgograd region where the pilot project on providing rural libraries with modern qualitative editions starts. It is known that now libraries of the country test a nedokomplektation new qualitative literature and the periodical press. Respectively association of resources of the power can become the guarantor of the solution of similar problems: federal and regional, executive and legislative. So, for example, in the Volgograd region it is decided to organize representative office of the Russian book union and in addition for development of book business signing of the agreement between administration of the region and the Russian book union is planned. Today RKS already donated one of orphanages of the Volgograd region the certificate on 500 books of the most popular series published in the country. Of course, it is a drop in the ocean, but nevertheless for some reason there is a wish to believe that so over time the good book will return to libraries and schools, our children will understand in what advantage of the usual printing book before its electronic version, and Russians will become the most reading nation in the world again By the way, friends, and you like to read? And your children?