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Pure - whether should be played?

of Pure - a computer game in which it is possible to feel the driver of ATV (the ATV, the abbreviation of ATV is deciphered as All Terrain Vehicle that in ​ a free translation into Russian means the vehicle for ​ driving on off road terrain ) . The BlackRock Studios company developed it.

Having started game and having seen the Disney logo, it is already possible to be surprised, but the introductory roller adjusts on the necessary harmony. However, to reach the main menu, it is necessary to wait for loading long (good advice: when the inscription " appears; Loading we press a combination of the Alt+Tab keys, we wait for about 5 seconds, we are switched by the same combination back. Voila! Loading takes place much quicker). A plot developers of not too troubled: Pure - the informal world championship on which bring together the best racers.

Before beginning to participate in tournament, is required to assemble the ATV in a workshop. It is possible to trust in councils of the computer, and assembly will take place much quicker, and it is possible to collect everything from scratch. The second option is much more interesting: you choose resolutely everything, from a framework, the engine and wheels, to handles on a wheel and ATV coloring. At last, having created the large object, we enter the championship and we begin game. Process of game is very interesting: 3 types of competitions: Race, Sprint and Freestyle. In the race mode you pass 3 big circles, full springboards and obstacles. Sprint is the mode in which it is necessary to pass 5 small circles, is spent for each of which from 20 to 30 seconds. And, at last, freestyle, the most interesting mode in which you do tricks and you receive for them points.

At the beginning you are surprised: there is no speedometer! Truly, it here is also not necessary, the imagination of developers changed everything: on the real ATV from a springboard fly up meters on 10, but not on 50 - 100 in any way, and in game quite so and occurs. And with a speed all in the same way.

we will dwell Upon tricks. It is one of the most interesting elements in game. They are three types: the idle time advanced, professional. At the beginning of arrival only the simple trick is available to you. It becomes so: we fly up on a springboard, we clamp the required button and we look at result, the main thing - to be in time in time, otherwise instead of points of acceleration we will receive the driver smeared on the next stone. Yes, and it happens. Process of falling is followed by a flood screen blood at the edges and delay of time. Developers wisely arrived: after falling we do not disperse anew, and we continue at the same speed.

We will receive points of acceleration for correctly executed trick. The their is more, the it is better tricks which you can carry out, but on the same points it is possible to disperse to huge speed, pursuing one aim: to shoot ahead and to win. Then we learn about difficult receptions: together with the button of a trick we clamp the button of an inclination of the ATV and we receive even more spectacular combination. Names at the same time happen the most different, also amusing meet: for example, Cancan and Superman !

the biggest shock; Operational development of a trick . Having clamped it during reception performance, it is possible to see it that words to describe quite difficult, for example, it is possible to grasp a wheel with legs and to be bent through a wheel forward. It is a lot of naudivlyavshis, in some race we press the " button; Special trick and slowly we drop out in a deposit. At me, for example, the racer in flight began to turn round its pivot-center, hardly holding the end of a saddle!

The graphics is good. Models are pleasing to the eye, but sometimes pass the friend through the friend though it is possible to notice it only during very attentive looking at the picture. For the rest it is just fine, pleasant to watch everything at the events on the screen. A sound too excellent, drivers shout, engines roar, and all this occurs under a magnificent soundtrack. It is possible to play with living people on a local network or on the Internet. Game will leave nobody indifferent.


+ Good graphics and a sound

+ Improbable tricks

+ is easy to master and begin to play


- Inconvenient management, it is necessary to recustomize under itself several times to achieve desirable result.

Result: we have excellent race which will please practically all. And you will not be able to see such tricks more anywhere. To play, unambiguously!