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Desserts from Nutella ? And why is also not present!

Think that the biggest sweet teeth are men and children. Perhaps, it is connected with the fact that men not so are afraid to recover as we, women, and children and even less so do not think of it.

It is remembered how we with my young man to tears laughed loudly over history from his childhood: he infections devoured two banks of condensed milk. Such gluttony was not in vain - his ears swelled up so that it became similar to the animation character popular in those days.

Here and my husband was a sweet tooth too. Its favourite delicacy was esteemed by many Europeans shokoladno - nut " cream; Nutella and mother of the sweet tooth had to hide it on the most top shelf of a kitchen case. However the passion to nut cream turned out so strong that the little madcap found a way to reach it: he got on a stool, reached for a can and... here the stool reeled, and my future husband hung in mid-air, holding a locker - a door to it pinched a finger. Fortunately, his mother managed to come running to it to the aid - the finger was strongly cut, even still on it there is a scar.

I long time was absolutely indifferent to Nutelle but the regular afternoon snacks with the fried toast smeared with this cream and decorated with fruit, and a tea cup which are carefully prepared by the husband made the business - on Nutellu I sat down. Eventually, the husband even regretted that he accustomed me to it and began to take away it with himself for work, being afraid that he on arrival home will find in the evening only an empty jar.

Nutella or Nyut - Nyut - so I call it, is good not only with toasts, it is perfectly combined with pancakes. But there are also other recipes on the basis of this cream. If in your family love Nutellu try to prepare something brand new for your big and malnky sweet teeth, they like be pleasant.


This recipe very fast and easy. Take features twenty cookies or croutons, crush them in the blender, mix from 150 g of Nutella and 10 g of bitter cocoa. Then moisten hands with water and make balls of the received mix, roll in them in cocoa. Lay out truffles on a dish and put in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Take a souffle 4 eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. Then it is necessary to shake up yolks with Nutella (250 g) and separately to beat whites. Now we accurately add whites to mix of yolks and Nutella . We spread the turned-out mix in the baking cups which are previously greased with butter, from above we strew with icing sugar. We send to an oven for about twenty minutes, suitable temperature - 200 degrees of S. Podavat hot.

Cupcakes to Take

250 g of sugar, 6 eggs, 250 g of flour, the razrykhrytel, 250 g kindled on slow fire or in a microwave of butter and properly to mix all this.

to Lay out dough in molds, to send to the oven heated to 250 degrees With for 3 - 4 minutes. Then on each cupcake to put a tablespoon Nutella and to leave to be worn out 8 more minutes.

Mousse to Take

1 glass of heavy cream and a quarter of a teaspoon of instant coffee and to mix until coffee is not dissolved. To add to mix of a half-glass of Nutella and to shake up everything before formation of peaks. To spread out the received mousse on ice-cream bowls and to send to the refrigerator for 4 hours, and before giving on a table to decorate with whipped cream.

With nutelly

to Take a fondue 300 ml of heavy cream and 400 g Nutella to lay out in a pan and to put on slow fire. To mix before receiving homogeneous mass. Then to remove from fire and to continue to mix - cream has to turn out brilliant. After that to pour out it in a beautiful vase and a tax to a table together with strung on long sticks fruit or zefirina.

Pancake cake

For a start to sift 2 glasses of buckwheat flour and 1 glass wheat, then to add a soda pinch to flour. To shake up 3 eggs, to add 1 h a salt spoon, 1 h a spoon of sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Mixing, to begin to add flour, and then a thin stream milk (2 glasses). To leave in heat for twenty minutes.

to Heat a frying pan, to put on it a tablespoon of butter and to begin to bake pancakes. That pancakes did not cool down, to put them in a pan and to cover.

So far pancakes are concerned, to wet gelatin (15 minutes) in cold water, to wring out excess water. To take bank of tinned peaches (800 g), to lay out peaches (without syrup) in the blender and to crush in mashed potatoes. Then to take

a third of a glass of peach syrup and to boil then to dissolve in it gelatin, to mix with the received mashed potatoes and to cool. To clean in the refrigerator for about twenty minutes.

it is possible to start gathering cake Now: let`s prepare a beautiful dish, we will put on it a pancake and we will smear from above Nutella . From above - other pancake which we will smear with peach puree. And we spread pancakes layers, alternating Nutellu and mashed potatoes until pancakes do not end. The most top pancake has to be with Nutella which we generously strew with grated walnut nutlets. Before giving on a table cake has to stand in the refrigerator at least 2 hours.

And finally it is possible to prepare of coffee on - Turin . The recipe of this coffee - from Turin, under this city in the north of Italy is the " company; Ferrero - in difficult military years its owner Pietro Ferrero invented Nutellu - the delicacy having today a huge number of admirers who even founded " club; Nutellavill .

We will heat 4 tablespoons Nutella in a small saucepan on malnky fire, and then we will evenly pour on 4 cups. Let`s make coffee of espresso and we will add from above, without mixing. It is necessary to put a spoon in a cup - to get the delicacy from a bottom...

Bon appetit!