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How to give volume to a fine hair?

In our house opened a new hairdressing salon recently. My old friend became the owner of salon. Quite often I come to it to a tea cup, manicure, a pedicure to make, to talk about life. Once again I gave rise idea to take from it as the professional several councils and recommendations about care of hair. Paid attention - to it girls with thin tails come to hairstyles and laying, and there are korolevishna with magnificent heads of hear. In what a secret of a smart hairdress? As well as in any business, there are a lot of nuances which will help women to become even more beautiful also neotrazimy.

Lyubina councils .

To receive the volume of hair, first of all, they need to be washed up correctly. For a fine hair there are special " shampoos; Volume 24 or something in the same vein. Attentively read a label. After washing hair need to be processed conditioner or a concentrate for ringlets. I will not be able to give you concrete brands, Liouba uses professional series. The main thing that B3 vitamins and amino acids were a part of such preparations. They - that both recover hair and do them elastic.

Perfectly give volume to lifeless and dim hair shampoos and concentrates with nettle extract. It promotes swelling of a scaly cover of a hair. As a result the hairdress looks more volume.

Even the hairbrush for a fine hair has to be, antistatic. And hairstyles will approach better such that it was possible to wash quickly the head and to make laying. Step hairstyles, " show to advantage; cloves . They are dried the hair dryer by means of a round brush.

Laying will better keep if to incline the head forward, to throw hair and to process them the hair dryer by means of a big flat brush, combing hair in different directions. At roots hair slightly raise and right there process spray or hairspray. Thus hair at roots will be recorded and the hairdress will become more magnificent.

A fine hair after a chemical wave can grow dull and lose gloss and vivacity. Month after aggressive processing - such wave - is not recommended to dye hair. At this time it is good to treat them balms, masks for hair or to nightly rub olive oil in roots.

Beautiful hairdresses turn out with the help hair curlers. Sparing, fitted by a velvet. Moist or dry hair are wound on such hair curlers. Their surface is covered with a special microfilm and does not harm hair. After hair curlers are removed, by a rare hairbrush and hands hair are given the necessary volume and is fixed by hairspray. Magnificent ringlets always recover a hairdress.

For giving of volume it is possible before turning to apply a clamp on hair curlers. After such procedure ringlets will be elastic. It is possible to give to a hairdress soft waves.

It is important to know type of the hair - fat they, dry or normal. If hair literally for the second day become grease - fat. Owners of dry hair can not wash the head and week - hair will have a well-groomed appearance.

If you have oily hair, use shampoos with soft foam, with dietary supplements. They quite are suitable for frequent washing. There are special masks for an oily hair and medical concentrates. Does not prevent to see a doctor - the strengthened allocation of sebaceous glands in hairy part of the head often indicates internal diseases.

For laying of an oily hair Liouba advises to use skins with the strong fixing effect. They dry a hairdress and are used only for an oily hair. The brush has to be special - from a natural bristle not to stimulate release of skin fat. At an oily hair hairdresses with effect " very effectively look; wet hair . They never get out of fashion. A large amount of gel at once is applied on the washed-up hair and a rare hairbrush the necessary laying becomes. Gel dries, the hairdress is fixed.

Everything was absolutely simple. With the professional any problem is solvable!