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What to do at frostbites?

are Winter not only sparkling pleasure, but also danger to overcool. It is good if it is not strong also one - two mugs of mulled wine or a grog will help. And if is not present?

Frostbite arises at action of cold on parts of the body. At the same time there is a narrowing of vessels, and, as a result, - the insufficient blood supply which is shown a skin pobledneniye. If in time first aid is not given, then there can be a dying off of fabrics . Depending on duration and depth of influence four extents of frostbite differ:

1. Pobledneniye and reddening of skin.

2. Formation of bubbles.

3. Total loss of sensitivity.

4. Necrosis (necrosis) of the freezed parts of the body.

How to be? A problem No. 1 of first aid is fast restoration of blood circulation . At weak frostbite warming up in a bathtub with water of room temperature or a light massage (clean hands) of affected areas of a body before their warming is recommended. It is undesirable to pound the excited places snow as it is possible to be overzealous in this process and, God forbid, to injure skin.

At frostbites of the highest degrees first aid the victim is given in moderately warm room. The frozen parts of the body are washed with warm water (20 - 25 degrees), then impose the gauze moistened in water which is gradually warmed. At the same time the victim has to move extremities. After blood circulation restoration the wound is covered with a pure gauze and tied up. Thawed allow to drink warm not alcoholic beverages. Then it is necessary to take care of its transportation in medical institution.

But also it is not a limit yet, all heard about the homeless who froze to death. There is the general defeat of an organism cold (freezing) that is most often observed at the people exhausted, exhausted and at alcoholics.

The foremost sign of strong overcooling shows feeling of fatigue, drowsiness, further people loses forces, moves less and, therefore, body temperature - and afterwards falls, there is a loss of consciousness.

The frozen person needs to be moved to poorly heated room, then it would be quite good to arrange a bathtub with water of room temperature. The body of the victim is washed at first with cold water, then more and more high temperature. After that at once start revival: light massage, grinding of extremities. After return of consciousness of the victim it is necessary to give to drink tea or black coffee, to wrap up with a warm blanket and to organize its fast transportation in medical institution.

I hope, these councils will be useful to you to help neighbors. Good luck be also not ill!