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What is effect of placebo and as it works?

Effect of " placebo; - familiar words, isn`t that so? Everyone though yes heard once this phrase and for certain knows that it. Therefore I will not describe in detail this interesting psychological effect, I will not give definitions, and I will give beautiful examples of its action.

Example 1.

U me the acquaintance - the elderly doctor is. One his friend worked then at some plant as the turner. Different details from nuts and small screws to huge iron pancakes (disks) were made. And here the friend of the doctor decided to play a trick on the companion on shop. It made several usual metal disks and one plastic. This last (plastic) pancake also decided to start in the relief the joker. And, imagine, the relief died! The easy plastic disk hardly touched his head, but a show, the fact of the flying disk ruined the person. The matter is that humorist painted a plastic product so that it looked as real, metal. Means, the companion of the joker was sure that iron pancake weighing ten kilograms flies to him Here from this thought, he died of this confidence. And, it became clear that in its organism there were changes as though it is valid for the head of the poor creature the piece of iron fell. Roughly speaking, on the head the deep dent was found.

Example 2.

In the Middle Ages there was popular a carrying out terrible experiments in execution of dissidents. In one of such experiences hundred people sentenced to death forced to drink something, having told as if it is poison. Poor creatures drank " poison; sentences were read But pills - that appeared of usual chalk! All executed one hundred, having been sated chalk, safely died only from thought that it is poison. Soon it became clear that in the organisms executed substance as though they got poisoned with fly agarics was revealed. That is the pancreas itself produced at the right time these poisons.

sentenced One more poor fellow to a head otrubaniye. When after all rituals it was led on a scaffold, sentenced tied with a scarf eyes, but instead of beheading, carried out on a throat by a usual feather (bird`s) and watered warm water on a neck (as if blood flows). And that you think, the poor creature died too, as if from blood loss though the executioner only carried out on a throat by a feather and poured water. So worked on executed expectation of fast death.

Well, dear readers, I frightened you! In total! There is enough! And that the effect of placebo will seem terrible! Give about more pleasant!

Example 3.

Two centuries ago in one clinic for TB patients in Germany made such experiment: said to patients within a month that openly absolutely new sensational their illness medicine. Spoke about it every day, much, persistently, in paints painting chances of recovery.

I here, passed month. The patient declared that a miracle - medicine will be brought to hospital any minute and will distribute of

of the Tablet distributed, all their patients began to accept, and amazing effect! Eighty percent recovered! And where placebo? And I purposely forgot to tell that a miracle - medicine usual aspirin was it! That is patients were cured by expectation of a miracle, hope for it!

Example 4.

We will be transferred to the USA in the fifties. There one more remarkable experiment was made. Hundred examinees, hundred adults were selected. To a half of them it was told that they will receive medicine, had taken which, will feel inflow of forces, pleasures, increase of mood.

separately told Other half of examinees that they will receive pills, having accepted which, will feel desire to sleep, laziness, fatigue.

you already guessed that all hundred examinees were given the same tablets for cough! All focus in what: when experimental one hundred asked about health after taking the medicine, everyone answered according to the instruction and with the expectations. Fifty people said as if tablets gave them force, pleasure, mood for all day, and the second half hundreds told that after reception of pills it was filled up to sleep!

the General in these examples the fact that in all cases people expected something certain inspired in them the further course of events, and they reacted respectively.

Of course is the people not subject to influence of this effect. They do not give in to suggestion, belief, expectations.