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How to hold in remembrance a childhood of the child? Part 2

and about features of photographing of children it was told About creation of the mother`s diary in the first part of article.

we will pay Now attention to results of children`s creativity which it is necessary to treat with a piety and practicalness. Does not disturb one another.

- I advise to arrange houses of an exhibition where the child will become a guide, and grandmothers, grandfathers, friends - the attentive audience. Expositions have to be updated, the masterpieces presented to the world to retire in a reservation.

- For storage of uncountable not too attractive objects of creativity make boxes (or buy a set of beautiful gift boxes) where there will go their contents: on a balcony, on the dacha, further away, the nobility it is not obligatory for the child. Children`s memory is arranged so that about the disappeared dozen of hand-made articles the kid will forget soon, and here that mother threw out his works, will long remember. Therefore it is careful.

- Be generous, you give, will be enough for all. The main thing, process of donation it has to be solemn and pleasant both for the child, and for gifted.

- Play, for example, you will arrange theater, drawings - scenery, hand-made articles - characters, a plot - on a situation. It is known, what the child actively uses, cannot be eternal.

- Decorate the house. On hand-made articles from the salty test paste magnets. Plasticine animals comfortably settle in pots with flowers directly under leaves on the earth, in the same place self-made flowers all the year round are pleasing to the eye. On small paper or fabric hand-made articles make an eyelet and hang up on a branch.

- In general, one work can be made the most difficult, to supplement it with different technicians and to create several days. So, for example, at first on a sheet of paper to make a background, next time to add with application, then to recover natural material, to make a frame etc. One large job, but not several insignificant will as a result be got.

- Do something functional: a beads, a framework, candlesticks, toys, something edible, then problems with storage will not be.

- It is better not to clean things lovely to heart far, and to store on shelves with glass doors - so objects of children`s creativity can admire, and they will become dusty less.

- Drawings can be scanned, to photograph hand-made articles.

- The part of objects can serve as good methodical, evident stuff for the subsequent works in this equipment.

- Very much it is pleasant to children to consider the evidence of their growth: notches on jambs, the depicted palms, a foot (more touchingly they look against the led round palms of adults). It is possible to make a print of the children`s handle in a piece of the salty test and until it stiffened, to put on the middle (to enclose as if in a palm) a candle - a tablet, then to put a hand-made article dries when the top dries up, on the lower damp part of a candlestick to engrave date. Such multi-colored candlesticks with growing palms will bring a cosiness and heat to the house.

In general, collecting certificates of the childhood know, things - their small part. Remember the atmosphere of a home, imperceptible, but causing strong, pure feelings, weaved from the aromas, sounds, views, feelings filling earlier ordinary life of a family. But through time all these trifles become a part of happiness. And therefore it is necessary to protect something bigger, than things: traditions of a family, cordial relations, possibility of confidential communication. Inheriting all this in adulthood, the person does not long for the childhood, and stores it in the soul.