Rus Articles Journal

Where slippers?

He is your boy

You his girl

Flowers of lunar color ceased to smell of my madness. my

to you moods

Air stiffened, and became soft as damp dirt

Right after a rain to


Silence breaks off in half consciousness

Polupustaya Street from the 9th floor even, the broken breath, is scattered by beads

I your slightly moist eyes,

which are reflected in the cooled-down coffee smile to me for thousands of persons, phrases, steps

- you hear me?!!!!! there is no


- then to whom You answer?! there is no

- all You - mine



from lips words fly. But I hear only silence.

wind. Breaks leaves. You sink in an air stream. Loss smell. Only symbol. You. Not eternal you. Remained to be gone in soul. Without you. Freedom or emptiness??? Shout. Only silence form.

- you are afraid?

- yes

- me?

- without you to live

- I in you!

- you did not become any more so long ago.

- then to whom You answer?!


- do not lie to me. there is no

- all You - mine

- do not lie to me. I - your eternal yes!!!


breath stopped. Yours became mine. To the last breath. It is banal?. there is no

yes -

a breath - an exhalation

breath became frequent heart stood in an anticipation of unexpectedness of an ice outcome

and when your silent steps gave rise to inevitable feeling of an extremity of all events, heat of lips, hands the porcelain cup - heat source because You gave it a touch of involuntarily looked for

. But it is only nostalgia.

the Smiling faces looking the curly snub-nosed girl directly at you from white glass of a porcelain cup of

of Coffee cooled down. Nostalgia left, having called with itself the little curly girl.

I shout of phone call - only unsuccessful attempt of escape. From that,

for whom there is no place in you

any more so long ago - AlYo.

- at, how are you?

- an eye. What is necessary?

- you

- boredom?

- nostalgia

beep, a sound of the broken life

all You - I.


Is so easy to be deceived.

- so?

- yes!.

- and what for?

- because is easy for

long 5 hours of silence.


Long, painful dawn. Forgive to

, night

the Dullness of clouds deprives of sun brightness.

- And what for?

- dependence.

- from me?

- from heat forgive to

, ah, is not present. Not so

hi, I wanted to tell: forgive

and here shout of the breaking phone to

silence of time air hung weight of acceptance of a nevozvratimost of moments.


I only hardly notable vibration of winds and hum of a fly reminded of presence me in this illusory reality to

three, two, razzzz!.

of it never was

unless dreams - reality?...

the thoughts written directly on air, which got stuck in it

panic-stricken -

needs to rise - neo

- needs to wake up

- do not leave - it is necessary for

forgive to

where my slippers?!!