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How to live further in conditions world financial crisis?

It is trouble which occurs time in hundred years . So told

about financial crisis of 2008 - go years the former head of U.S. Fed Alan Greenspan.

Recently (several months precisely) news from the financial and share markets remind reports of a battlefield. Though why remind. Indeed. It is heard only about the given garrisons (bankrupts), destructions (sale in parts), the victims (reduced, which are almost thrown out on the street workers). And, the impression is made it that we live in the conditions of guerrilla (or terrorist) wars where lose everything, and here victories, even small, local, something is not visible! Crisis, according to the Russian analysts, will last at least two more years, and it is necessary to eat to the person every day.

The people and the government (not only American) hit in panic, we will remember at least closing for two days of the auction in the Russian exchange which all the same did not save the market from record falling. The governments, of course, try to rescue but only limited number of very rich and brought closer to the power financial institutions.

And what to do to us, simple citizens?

A here that.

to Live according to laws of present time.

As well as (and where is more considerable, crisis on a global scale) can even be earned from any considerable change of the market not bad. Example? Please Here Warren Buffett redeemed shares of some American bank for five billion dollars and all stocks of this bank increased in the price more than by five percent. Means, sell them Buffett in the next minute, he would earn two hundred fifty million green skins of net profit! Not sickly, truth?

But we are not baffeta, to us not to lose the!

So, at first it is necessary to accept, to hammer into the head thought that rescue of drowning - work drowning. However, as always

should not Relax precisely. This crisis will affect all who anyway use in the life money. So, all! Just now, in the conditions of crisis, it is shown more boldly, is convex and is rigid. Even it is cruel. Insurance companies, banks, plants, newspapers, shipping companies and other commercial organizations just have no money. Cheap money which went from the American and European investment banks like Lehman Brothers earlier.

So, we begin.

1. Not to take consumer and mortgage loans! Cheap money at banks came to an end, and banks raise not only an interest rate, but also the size of a penalty fee and penalties. By the way, free The 10% mortgage consigned to the past too, rates are reconsidered towards significant increase, or mortgage programs in general are closed up till the best times. (Source: 3. 10. 2008 VTB24 stopped accepting applications for the credits under housing under construction ) .

2. To look for the new place of work. Reductions are predicted in all sectors of economy, even traditional, like the mining and power which were considered earlier as the steadiest.

3. Constantly to look for opportunities for obtaining the additional income. It and in old kind times did not disturb, and today already becomes a vital necessity.

4. To cut down consumer expenses to a minimum. To use the released money as financial straws for rainy day . Nobody can tell that he happens tomorrow, and money can be necessary at any time.

5. To cancel all distant trips what it is only possible! Even Americans in 2008 ceased to go to Hawaii (like the coast of the Black Sea at us) and prefer to have a rest closer to the house. Source.

6. Not to trust small insurance companies and broker offices, in the conditions of crisis they are ruined first of all.

7. To study laws. And suddenly to you privileges what under the law are put, on payment of utilities, for example When there is money, of it somehow do not think. But nevertheless... Better everything - to consult. By the way, such the state and municipal organizations are obliged to provide consultation to you free of charge.

8. Not to be discouraged! Life goes on! Despite any world crises!

Times do not choose,

B them live and die, there is no

of Bigger platitude on light

, than to beg and expostulate.

Alexander Semenovich Kouchner.

Me these words have nothing to add to.