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As to start on cold?

Everything, waited! Blessed it is time when the motorist, being going to the parking, a beret with itself a snow shovel, already on a threshold and which - where began. Perhaps, I slightly exaggerated, and the shovel on the parking is necessary infrequently, but it is necessary to face other delights of cold weather daily.

Frost. the Frozen, ice-covered glasses and the body covered with hoarfrost - indispensable attributes of a morning meeting with iron horse . You remember it since evening. If you leave janitors on the place, in the morning they will surely freeze to glass, it is necessary to warm or tear off long that will inevitably affect a condition of elastic bands.

Starting the engine, it is possible to touch unintentionally rychazhka of management and to turn on the frozen devices. It is fraught, at best, with the burned-down safety locks. In the worst - it is necessary to repair conducting or to change an electric motor. If laziness to remove brushes in the evening - at least lift in situation when they do not concern glass.

When you put the car for the night, in salon is much warmer, than outside. On quickly cooling down glass moisture condensate can settle and freeze. As a result the frost and hoarfrost is formed not only outside, but also in salon. To reduce effect - do not lift lateral glasses against the stop, leave open a gap in several millimeters. If it is impossible - do not hurry home, open doors and cool salon from within.

The frozen glass reduces the review. You want - you do not want, and it is necessary to wait until it thaws under the influence of an oven or to clean off hoarfrost a scraper. By the way about an oven. Some experts do not recommend it to include at once, for the reason, that without it the engine gets warm quicker. But there is one more nuance. Including an oven when it is already warmed, we direct a stream of warm air to glasses. As sharp temperature drop influences glass - it is not necessary to explain. I think, all - is more expedient to include a heater when it still drives cold air that glasses got warm gradually.

The frozen locks and doors. Cases when from five doors it is possible to open only luggage - are frequent. It is even worse when any does not open. It is worth thinking of a problem in advance, the gulf in locks any nezamerzayka . It is possible to use periodically defreezing structures, it is especially convenient if they in aerosol package. But, unfortunately, their necessary minute usually does not happen near at hand.

It is impossible to warm locks hot water at all. Next morning they will freeze even more, perhaps so that it is necessary to wait for spring. If other motorists are near, it is possible to try to use the lighter. It is inconvenient to use a lighter and if the gasoline tank lock froze, then and it is dangerous.

Sometimes, especially after a bad weather, freeze a sealant of doors. You should not tear rubber or to try to warm it water and a lighter. The best way - to enter through other door, to start the engine and to warm up salon from within. It is possible to tap easily a door on perimeter a fist, often it helps.

The complicated launch of the engine. As a rule, it with an ulterior motive. Senselessly to maslat a starter to full losses of forces akukumulyator. There is quite enough 10 - 15 seconds on one attempt. After two - three unsuccessful starts let`s the accumulator have a rest two - three minutes and try once more - another. It did not turn out - look for the reason.

The reasons of the complicated start-up - a set, and here the speech not about them. The general recommendations - in time to serve the car and to prepare for winter in advance. But, perhaps, you did not follow, and the accumulator just sat down. It is possible to check according to indications of the voltmeter if it is on a control panel, or all over the world headlights. You do not hurry to draw hasty conclusions, the oxidized plugs can appear the reason of a low voltage.

To help start the engine neighbors in the parking who have a battery as it should be can (if you want). For this purpose special wires of which it is necessary to take care in advance will be necessary. The make-shifts which incidentally came to hand - bad assistants. The starter consumes big current which only thick wires and good contacts of plugs will be able to provide.

The accumulator - assistant it has to be disconnected from a power supply system. Pluses of batteries connect among themselves. Minus donor - on the case of the car which engine should be started. Having started the motor, let`s it work minutes 5 - 10. It is enough to warm up and provide start to the family accumulator, if only it not it is killed absolutely.

At obviously serviceable joint stock bank, before cold start-up expediently several times to blink driving beam. For the accumulator it as morning exercises, it slightly will get warm, will cheer up also will be able to give out on the mountain bigger current.

Happy journey.