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How to become and remain the successful person?

of Mind are not necessary, and charisma is necessary .

The good businessman is a successful person. Therefore I will begin conversation with laws of business. It was possible to make of business science never! Because there is one problem. It is called Infinite number of strategy . For adoption of the exact decision it is necessary to have full information. And this in business cannot usually achieve.

In administrative practice non-standard, creative decisions which are made in the conditions of big uncertainty that is when the considerable part of necessary information is unknown have the Greatest value, and consequences of decision-making are badly predictable. These decisions are the most difficult for the head . (Vakhrushev, Principles of the Japanese leaders )

the Success is a continuous solution of questions which any theory cannot expect. The world of modern economic processes is called the world of the raging water where there is nothing constant.

In France conducted survey of skilled managers with the purpose to define what is the most important for the successful businessman. Results of are as follows:

external data - 1%;

the authority - 4%;

of knowledge and competence - 8%;

life experience - 8%;

eccentricity - 30%;

charisma - 41%.

Therefore business from the field of economy moves to the field of psychology, and from science turns into art. And here to the main position there is a creative talent and its harbinger - intuition. Besides, not only business, but also all other spheres of life submit to the rule of an infinite number of strategy.

Bad news

the End of definiteness is not desired and joyful news at all. The majority is not ready to live in the inconsistent world. People are not ready to reconcile to loss of hope that will sometime learn to operate life. We feel discomfort if we do not control a situation. Therefore recognition of uncertainty as a constant factor is really unpleasant news.

It is interesting to remember that management as management science business arose in 1886. Ideas of management were widely accepted and found many supporters for the only reason: people hoped to receive a set of methods, the rules and regularities allowing to make operated the inconsistent world of business. But in 1955 the guru of management Peter Druker recognized that, 69 years later after the management birth, full controllability and predictability still remain an unattainable ideal.

Since then there passed 50 more years, both all new and new researchers note a leading role of intuition which remains nearly only tool in the world of an infinite number of strategy.

Good news

Good news is that the intuition is congenital gift of each person. It can be applied in any sphere of life - in earning money, in love, self-improvement, in a profession and creativity.

Today`s education system is engaged in a vpikhivaniye of knowledge in the pupil. Though ancient Latin word educare from which came English education ( education training ) means pulling . In the ancient time work of the teacher consisted in a pulling of pupils of their own enlightenments. This cool school. To me in the childhood in such! And to my children.

There is no sense to stuff pupils with an increasing number of knowledge. A large number of knowledge does not give to the person of advantages in competitive fight at all. The one who knows necessary, but not a lot of things wins. You think, the more knowledge, the it is more than chances that among them there will be also necessary. Here not!

Knowledge is infinite. And life situations are infinitely various. More than three thousand years ago the Teacher told the Chinese emperor: There are thousands of types of arts. All of them cannot be seized .

The physics - is infinite. Literature - is infinite. The biology - is infinite. History - is infinite. Any science - is infinite. The scientist devotes to the one and only science all the life, and that becomes the expert only in some small section. And if children are given a lot of information why they are not taught fast reading or modern methods of development of memory?

And why in the school program there are no such important objects as an earning money, psychology love or disposal of depressions by means of meditations?

Some people, having achieved in success life, begin to think that they found only a right formula of this success and have desired panacea. Also give advice to others. But to use others formula of success - it is all the same what to use points of the neighbor only on the ground that in these points that perfectly sees.

Therefore foreign councils always turn only into the entertaining stories stuffed with banalities. I do not understand why it is impossible to me. I read many stories about people who succeed, acting rather primitively, proceeding from the simplest and obvious ideas. Why I do not manage to achieve similar, be I on its place, I would act also - one of authors complains. Why? But because it is impossible to learn a success formula because it is constantly updated also for everyone the . You remember? Time to scatter stones, and time to collect stones, time to love, and time to hate, time to sew and time to break off

of the Jewish children are trained in it by means of the Talmud by many centuries. You feel from where progress of Jews? At all not because God loves them more, than you.

Look for the formula of success, the insayt. (Insayt - internal inspiration, a skhvatyvaniye of new understanding, aha - experience, revelation).

There is a simple technique.

1. At first in attempt to receive the decision intensive cerebration, search of the decision happens. It can be search of an image for the artist, melodies for the composer, ideas for the businessman, the decision for the mathematician or the inventor, an exit from a difficult situation for any person. That is at first work and self-discipline. Here also accumulation of knowledge and information search is useful.

2. At the solution of complex challenges shows impossibility of receiving result by means of a logical conclusion or by means of earlier known receptions. Current situation can be characterized as helplessness, the deadlock, mutually exclusive prerequisites or infinite number of strategy. In such situations rationalism copes with the tasks only to a certain limit, and then gives in.

3. Relax, disconnected. Release, clean thoughts, concern and fear of not achievement, enter uncertainty and do not resist it. Suddenly and unexpectedly the decision comes. We receive already ready answer, and process of the decision cannot be tracked, it drops out of supervision. Very often the answer comes in the changed condition of consciousness reducing cerebration: dream, predream, postdream, rest and relaxation. Many great people claimed that answers to important questions to them came when they walked, lay in a bathroom, played golf, drove the car, watched the movie, walked upstairs. That is at the moments when they forgot about a problem and distracted.

4. The Decision is accompanied by unaccountable confidence in correctness, validity and evidence of result, improbable simplicity and even beauty of the decision, pronounced content and unexpected simplification.