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Why the sea-buckthorn is called Siberian " pineapple;?

Curative properties of it Siberian " pineapple; were known since ancient times in the Tibetan, Chinese and Mongolian medicine.

the Sea-buckthorn - very well-aimed name of this plant, more definitely you will not tell therefore as its fruits on very short fruit stems really very closely sit on branches, as if sticking around them. They possess pleasant turned sour - the sweet taste and a peculiar aroma which is bearing a faint resemblance to pineapple. Therefore the sea-buckthorn is called sometimes northern, or Siberian pineapple.

But botanical, the most correct, the name of a plant is even more interesting. In Ancient Greece broth from branches and leaves of a sea-buckthorn gave to drink to horses that the skin was healthy and brilliant. From here and the Latin name Hippophae consisting of two words: Hippos - a horse and phae - to add gloss.

Sea-buckthorn fruits, or as we speak in use, berries (especially modern sweet grades), are good as fresh, and in various processings. They keep taste and aroma even frozen. The main that when processing the biochemical players of berries are almost not changed, and it is extraordinary rich.

a sea-buckthorn uses Today special attention of gardeners. It is called still a brittle willow (however, so call a willow too). The plant is widespread in the Western and Eastern Siberia, in the southern regions of the European part of Russia, in Central Asia, is more rare in the Caucasus, in Moldova.

The sea-buckthorn is, really, the storeroom of health. Fruits support her the whole complex of vitamins, it is a lot of minerals, mineral substances, sugars, organic acids, pectins and other biologically active agents.

The chemical composition of parts of a plant is rich so that any druggist will burst out crying with envy. Fruits of a sea-buckthorn are vitamin-rich - B1, B2, C, E, K, P; flavonoids, carotinoids, folic acid, well-cared, betaine, benzopyrones, phospholipids, fructose and glucose. Apple, lemon, coffee and wine acids. Tannins; macro - and minerals (sodium, magnesium, silicon, iron, aluminum, calcium, lead, nickel, molybdenum, manganese, strontium).

A significant amount of the serotonin making favorable impact on the central nervous system and detaining growth of malignancies disappears in bark of branches. Leaves of a plant are rich with ascorbic, ursolovy and oleanolovy acids.

All know the miracle sea-buckthorn oil received from fruits and in its stones contains much more, than in pulp. It helps with treatment of radiation injuries of skin, thermal and chemical burns, trophic ulcers. By its forces physicians resist to stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum; to stomatitises and pulpitises; to laryngitis and pharyngitises; to injuries and defects of a cornea, conjunctivitis, beam burns of eyes. Dermatologists recommend it for strengthening of growth of hair and in case of some diseases of skin.

It is established that preparations from sea-buckthorn oil improve shipping an organism of some antineoplastic substances and sometimes strengthen their action. For sea-buckthorn oil fruits collect later, than for other purposes. They have to be light-yellow or is red - orange, sour taste, a pineapple smell.

Sea-buckthorn oil can be prepared so: the Prepared fruits of a sea-buckthorn to pound

a wooden tolkushka in the enameled ware, to wring out juice, to merge in a glass jar and to put for days. To remove oil (about 80 g from 1 kg of a sea-buckthorn) from a surface of the settled juice. To store in the refrigerator in densely corked container.

In traditional medicine use fruits, leaves, young branches and seeds of a sea-buckthorn. Fruits prepare in the fall or in the winter. At this time they contain the greatest number of vitamins, get sourishly - sweetish taste. Store in a wooden container in the cool place, frozen.

In the winter, the frozen fruits are removed in cloudy weather or at lunar lighting at a temperature of -10 C as at a sunlight the cover of fruits thaws and easily separates from pulp. When transporting protect from defrosting. Collecting is carried out in gloves not to injure a hand prickles. Under a bush spread a laying, strike with a stick a trunk, shaking off branches. Period of storage of berries - several months.

Besides medical application, fruits of a sea-buckthorn have great food value as rich vitamin means. They are eaten fresh, used for preparation of jam, juice, jelly.

I would recommend to eat a sea-buckthorn spoon every day in any kind, washing down with tea before going to bed better. Then the dream will be deep, and morning will endow you with cheerfulness and good mood.

Siberian to you health!