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Whether is at you sexual appeal ? Part 2

it is possible to be pleasant to the potential partner in various ways: appearance, behavior, a noble act, flattery, ability to prepare, situation in society. But there is one thing which is stronger than all this. Pheromones .

Feature of pheromones - sexually exciting substances operating on sense of smell of an individual of an opposite sex - that they act selectively. Do not confuse pheromones to smells. The pheromone - did not begin to smell, it is practically not felt as a smell, it hits into a brain at once, causing erotic awe.

Each woman and at each man has the specific smell and the specific pheromone which is pleasant not to all but only to people of a certain type. You suit one, another is not present. One you clings another is not present.

Is several of ways to make your pheromones more strong . These ways as importance:

1. Psikhotrening, release from emotional and physical clips;

2. Sport, training, good physical health;

3. Healthy nutrition.

(3) Be not engaged in a gluttony! I Will begin conversation with food though on importance I also put it on the third place.

do not overeat.

do not eat for the night.

That`s all governed. Though it will be difficult for some of you to execute them.

Stressful blows to an organism in the form of rigid diets with a gluttony at the exit are not necessary. And here the reasonable moderation is necessary. For example, there is no zero after sixteen - zero. To replace a dinner with a glass of kefir.

Now I do not speak about weight loss. It is other subject. I speak about pheromones and sexuality. I understand that there is a genetic predisposition to completeness. You look on thin who eat that they want, and you think: As the world is unfair! Why god free of charge gives someone for what I should die? does not have sense to worry about it because the full girl eating moderately it will be sexual more attractively thin which guzzles. At the expense of good pheromones. I guarantee.

(2) Sport, aerobics, run and other physical culture. Well, you will tell nothing new here. All know that it is useful. I will only add that the trained people have cool pheromones.

(1) Psychohygiene. Psikhotrening is the most important for sexuality though we know least of all about it. But I will correct this defect and I will give useful information.

We got used to brush daily teeth and to take a shower. It is obligatory hygiene.

We also understand need of regular trainings sport. It is hygiene of health.

In the same way regularly the person has to be engaged in psychotraining. Treat psychotraining: meditations, self-hypnosis, spiritual development, catharsis (transformation of negative emotions into energy), work with the psychoanalyst and to that similar things. Even regular prayers. It is psychohygiene, and it gives improbable effect.

Results regular psychotraining of are as follows:

1. the Condition of the increased efficiency. Physical and intellectual working capacity increases. Laziness vanishes, the will amplifies, memory improves. From outside it will look so: The Motor in a bum and gloss in eyes .

2. luck and intuition Appears. You will as if appear incidentally in the right place in due time, there will be accidentally meetings necessary to you and events. Different authors explain this phenomenon differently. One say that the intuition was shown, others - that ability to a materialization increased, the third will tell that god began to help. The fourth will explain that unconscious - the greatest biocomputer with infinite opportunities was connected. The fifth will explain it with the appeared ability to use resources. All these authors speak about same. As they say, the same eggs, only in a profile.

3. also other extraordinary abilities, for example, self-control of an organism In parallel join. It will help not only to be restored quicker, but also to recover from chronic diseases.

4. the pleasure of life Will appear. Depressions, fears and the notions of compulsion will be gone. Even your movements will become more graceful.

By the way if to come back to completeness. You think that at you it is bad at heart because you have an excess weight? Scientists proved the return - you have an excess weight because that at you is bad at heart. Psychotraining corrects it. And pheromones what become!

There was such Saint - Nikola Chudotvorets. He continuously prayed and engaged in meditations. At a certain stage of the improvement it was difficult for it to overcome one obstacle - own sexuality. He coped with himself, but women who had to face it rushed on it from any provisions. At its presence they received a spontaneous orgasm. Nikola Chudotvorets did not know where from them to disappear. Need to be " was one of conditions of its spiritual work; in the world . That is he could not go to asceticism or to retire to the monastery.

Such is force of psychotraining and spiritual self-improvement!