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What can be eaten one lips ? Red fish - we salt. Salmon and salmon. (*)

you love a small fish? Yes? And what? Can to a tyulk? Or seledochka? It is not necessary to wind so the head here and there! If you do not love, then and you do not love who you forces. I will try to guess nevertheless from the second attempt. Hake. Fried, under marinade. Really again flight? Happens.

But, God loves a Trinity (cunning I smile). And how about red fish? About! Got. I see - I see how you in the affirmative nod, and even slightly you smack the lips in a delicacy anticipation. It agrees, presently it is not such and a delicacy. About 30 years ago...

My mother had one good friend. Called her the aunt Zhenya. I remember how once it came to us on a visit, and at home - only I and, as ill luck would have it, all in cleaning - it was necessary to wash the floors in the room. The strict guest nestled in a chair and began to watch how I, creeping on all fours, crawl a wet rag on colored boards (linoleum then was fashionable not). The Plinth, a plinth wash. And over there still, in a corner! . Well, so I was got by all these TsU that I hardly waited for mother`s arrival and amicable switching of general attention to tea with cookies. But the speech not about it.

What to do to us with red fish?

We cook (salmon soup).

Close relatives of the aunt Zheni lived on Sakhalin and regularly sent parcels with caviar and red fish from there. Occasionally and to us fell intermittently a piece of a salmon. No, not such rozovenky fillet in cutting which filled counters of modern supermarkets. And just a piece with skin and scales. The salmon that was rigid and awfully salty. Mother long soaked it in water, and then cooked to us with the sister soup. Yes, usual fish salty red fish soup. It has such strange taste, write and I feel it in a mouth, but I will be able to explain hardly. If you want, try to weld. I think, in a supermarket some salmon tail for certain was overlooked, it is worth looking.

The other day the younger daughter, having returned in the evening from work, tells me that at them one employee prepares tasty red fish - fresh-salted. At first Elena Vasilyevna goes to the market, and in fish department buys fresh-frozen fish - a salmon or a salmon about a kilogram is powerful (it is desirable a fileyka). I ask whether it will be able and to us to buy. The daughter promises to learn, and in couple of days brings home a little fish (gram six hundred). It appears, fillets quickly sort, and was not enough for all women`s collective, it was necessary to share it production among themselves.

We salt (a fresh-salted salmon).

Well. And further - what with it to do, with this fish? Everything is simple. Pieces of fillet to wash up and put in a bowl, having carefully rubbed with salt with sugar. On 1 kg of fish it is required: 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Now it is necessary to set up a press (a plate + the meat grinder will approach too) on fish and to leave for 4 hours in kitchen for a prosalivaniye. Do not forget to start the timer, and safely go about the own business. When the persistent signal announces to you that time has come, wash out fish cold water, slightly wring out and lay in a glass jar, filling in each piece with sunflower oil. Not house (fried)! It smells of course well, but we want to keep a small fish, but not to flavor.

To bank close a cover and put in the refrigerator. Well do not hurry so, let it will a little be drawn, at least till the morning! Having stood in the refrigerator longer, the small fish will become impregnated with oil and will become myakenky, and oil will incorporate all Rybkin smells. " oil; from - under a small fish do not pour out, mix it with creamy - will fit for boutiques . I hope, you do not need to be taught how fish is cut and eaten? Though, and here is what to talk about. But later. So far I will tell only that on taste our salmon - gentle and as Elena Vasilyevna speaks: Melts in the mouth though you eat with lips . As this small fish can long be stored in the refrigerator, nobody checked because by definition she cannot long be stored there - is eaten quickly.

Remark. Remember Patrik Suskind`s book Perfumer entered, in the first hundred the best books of the world. And at the same time and the movie of the same name in which is narrated about the young man by the name of Grenuy, mad about creation of spirits. For extraction of smells of Jeanne - Baptiste uses various oils, collecting at the same time not only fragrant flower aromas, but also we Fry aroma of human ph.

(red fish in batter). everything is convincing

I so to you here painted. You listened attentively, smiled skeptically and speak: And me - what to do with this fillet? Salty doctors forbade to eat . I will look at you and I will answer: What to do what to do? To fry . To cut a small fish tonenko, to dunk into batter and - on the heated skovorodochka with vegetable oil. How to do batter? To shake up a fork couple of eggs with a mayonnaise spoon, to add a little flour (or starch). To salt, pepper fragrantly and to use. Quickly and too melts in the mouth, taste spitsfichskiya as spoke immortal Raikin, Arkady who. It is possible to decorate on mood. Greens and vegetables. To give with favourite sauces. Will approach safe home-made mayonnaise!

We twist rolls (with cheese). Having heard

about a salty salmon, my sister at once gave a practical advice on a further upclassing of a valuable product for placement it on a holiday table. The knife has to be sharp, patience enviable. We cut a small fish thin layers. We grease with mix from grated cheese, mayonnaise and a chesnochka and we twist in rolls. Under their plenochka, and in the freezer. It is not necessary! To do of them icicles. Get, cut with the same knife on ringlets and serve, than will occur. But will not come and so will descend.

Sandwiches we mold (ships).

Eventually, it is possible just to oil slices of fresh long loaf and to cover petals salty small fish. Pleasure! Or to make of a small fish scarlet sails on toothpicks and to thrust in the soft flesh of long loaf flavored with cheese pieces. Greens and olives in assortment.

Such fish sandwiches will at once remind you (the gentle taste and a juicy smell) of red caviar sandwiches! The daughter bit off a piece and asks: Mothers, and why caviar different: black, red? - And people why different: black, red, white? . Subject ikrometaniye let`s leave for later. It is impossible at the same time and to regale on sandwiches and to think of the production technology of seafood. From it also appetite can deteriorate.

Seem all. There was only a little theory. Well what practice without theory? The salmon treats family, so-called, red - salmons whose meat has it is reddish - pinkish coloring and is valuable foodstuff. Existence of a fat small fish on your table is no other than enrichment of a diet the Omega-3 fatty acids significantly reducing risk warmly - vascular diseases. And the most important - cod-liver oil should not be drunk ( Faugh! ).

Pleasant to you red days!

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