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How to hold in remembrance a childhood of the child? Part 1

Memory of the person is the sheet of white paper: it will sometimes be written well, and sometimes badly . Kozma Prutkov.

we know

About the infancy and the early childhood much, but we remember a little. The child lives, without feeling the value of the age, it is attracted by adulthood, in the same way as we are bewitched by the childhood. Therefore, being people far-sighted, we reserve for the kids memory gifts in the future. And it is a responsible task because how we will execute it, formation at the grown-up child of an image of his childhood will depend further.

So, so far the kid still absolutely small, I advise you to get the diary, the will be more often there to appear new records, the better. Write everything here: weight, growth, behavior, achievements, results of visit of the doctor, menu. The more details, even household, the it is more interesting to read then. Describing the negative moments, try to soften in the text the emotions - less negative, and stick to a subject (there is no place of information on strangenesses of the mother-in-law or your disorders with the husband). For the similar diary allocate a thick notebook, enclose in it the handle and you hold all this where - nibud nearby. Let someone will be engaged in pathos photo albums another. You have not enough time and too much information for such album. You lead round silhouettes of handles and legs of the kid on sheets of the diary, put photos here. When the child grows up, you in common, issue a worthy image chronology of the childhood, and now collect the most valuable information.

Photograph. There are several councils:

1. The sleeping, hardly perepelenanny newborn is uninteresting therefore a lot of such picture does not need to be taken.

2. Choose a subject picture (eats, walks, bathes, you weigh etc.) but not a portrait (peanuts disgustingly pose).

3. Do not focus attention of the child to your actions, let lives life, so pictures turn out especially sincere and live. However, sometimes it is possible to force to pose: to specially make laugh, surprise, cause delight, it is simple to ask something to make.

4. Photos of the kid with mother are, as a rule, successful as they are harmonious and natural, however, often the role of the photographer is undertaken by her therefore it gets into the shot extremely seldom. Mummies, you ask relatives to depict you together with the child more often.

5. Place near " supermodel; object by which extent it is possible to judge growth of the child, for example, the adult or create a thematic photo Under a table on foot where the peanut literally stamps under a table.

6. Think up a series of annual photos, for example, at a young tree in the spring of 2005, 2006, 2008 9, 10 Try that in photos of different years the foreshortening was identical.

7. Surely fix date.

8. Photograph from height of eyes of the child, but not from height of own growth. And if to click from below - the kid will turn out the real giant.

9. Remove from 1,5 m at distance (closer - the face will be distorted) to 10 m (further - the model will begin to seem very small and imperceptible).

10. Pay attention to a background which has to be or interesting (an interior of your apartment, children`s accessories), or not distracting attention from the main character.

11. You should not photograph at a bright sun or in gloomy, cloudy weather.

12. Indoors the best lighting - a daylight therefore you need to be between a window and the child, try not to stand at the same time in light yourself. The photos executed thus turn out very effective: the child between a window and the photographer (it is obligatory to use flash), before shooting breathe on a lens that it slightly - slightly misted over. The effect of the fairy tale, purity, romanticism is provided.

Except records and photos some mothers keep the pupovinka rest, a label from the handle, a volosika, zubik etc. It is necessary to notice that in the future these objects, to put it mildly, do not cause delight in many children therefore you remember that you store these relics first of all for yourself.

Time has come, and you had first hand-made articles. Then the house with a geometrical progression began to be filled with objects of children`s creativity. How to preserve masterpieces and as to get rid of them that will become over time expensive reminder on the childhood - about it will go the speech in the second part of article.