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Than " ensemble; Birch conquered the whole world?

Nadezhda Sergeyevna Nadezhdina paid attention to the schoolgirl of choreographic school at the Bolshoi Theatre long ago, noted sincerity her dance. Attracted also appearance of the girl. Blue-eyed Mira Koltsova with a wheaten braid was the real Russian beauty. Now it was necessary only to persuade the girl to work in their ensemble.

And to turn ballerinas in birches Nadezhda Sergeyevna already learned. Mira Koltsova became the soloist of the well-known ensemble soon.

Today in collective about hundred dancers. Almost till last days of the life, three decades Nadezhdina directed Birch .

And everything began so could dance Nadj`s

for hours in a school choreographic class. It was low, thin, plastic. When music began to sound, her imagination drew different joyful pictures. It seemed to it that it not in the cold room for occupations and where - nibud on a glade where a set of flowers Nadia saw a green meadow, in which there was a wish to fall face down ,

She was born in Vilno (Poland) in 1908, 100 years ago, in a family of the famous writer A. Ya. Brustein. When the daughter after leaving school told that she wants to dance, mother frowned eyebrows. Clever, talented, progress in all objects. What dances? And she strictly told: Is not present . Then, added already less severely: Nadia, get an education, a profession, and dances from you will not get to " anywhere;.

But Nadezhda insisted on the. She became the schoolgirl of the famous teacher A. Ya. Vaganova at ballet school of Petrograd. The girl daily perfected the skill, was able as nobody else to inform sense each movement of dance to the audience. Already by the end of training it became clear that Nadia is waited by the big future. And teachers were not mistaken in it. Already on the first examination display offered it work in the Bolshoi Theatre.

She went home like a breeze. Mummy, - joyfully exclaimed Nadia, - I go to Moscow. I am ballet dancer! Aleksandra Yakovlevna sadly asked the daughter: Means, your dream came true? Nadezhda hung the head, reflected for a moment, then surely answered: Will come true, will surely come true .

9 years of persistent work in the Bolshoi Theatre brought results. Nadezhda participated in ballets The Fad - Gorbunok Swan lake Don Quixote Bayadera Raimonda ... Her passion to dances was appreciated. It peretantsevat the Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Hungarian dances in theater. Actors ran together to look how dashingly the girl dances naughty and cheerful dancing motives.

In 1941 Nadezhda was asked to work in collective of ensemble of the Siberian military district as the artistic director. Business it was for it new and responsible, but she coped though it was necessary to be engaged in economic work more, but not creative. And 3 years when Nadezhda was 35 years old later, offered her work in ballet office of the Moscow platform. It with energy inherent in it and indefatigability almost completely updated collective, changed repertoire. It seemed that everything in her life developed successfully. From tours there is no release, the audience accepts new collective on Hurrah! flowers, applause, admirers

U it young and talented husband, but already famous artist, schedule V. V. Lebedev, in due time employee Satyricon one of founders GROWTH Windows . Nadezhda got acquainted with it in Moscow when she played in the Bolshoi Theatre.

And here long-awaited surprise. In collective of national chorus of Kalinin (Tver) there was no head for statement of dances. Nadezhda was invited to work, and she agreed. It for the first time had to work not with ballet troupe, and with dancing collective. Then Nadezhda thanked the lucky stars for so generous gift more than once. Several years in a row it went from Moscow to Kalinin and back, mentally protantsovyvy all fragments of movements.

And again there was a grandiose success, halls full of the audience, laudatory articles in newspapers

But she was not it if did not decide to tell herself that she is ready to work independently, with own collective long ago. In 40 years to start everything from scratch? - acquaintances asked, having learned about Nadezhda`s decision, - what for? you have a glory, success, awards now. How at once to refuse all this? Only the husband Vladimir Vasilyevich joyfully noticed: And you know, Nadia, I even am glad for you. I have all behind, and at you everything only begins .

Now it for days on end vanished in educational institutions, dancing collectives, on to particles brought together the collective. And here in 1948 for the first time on a scene of theater of the Moscow garden Hermitage there were 16 stately girls in red sundresses with kerchiefs in hands and birch branches. Round dance the audience accepted with pleasure. All subdued lyricism, slow as then it began to be called, the floating step Nadezhda. After this performance the round dance began to be called Birch and his head took herself Nadezhdin`s pseudonym.

Nadezhda Sergeyevna herself thought out dances. It Roundabout Birch Pryalitsa At the autumn fair Lebedushka Siberian siyuta Sudarushka and many others were the present choreographic short stories. In fact, Nadezhdina created special dancing school. It was difficult to believe that not the scene rotates, and girls dance. In several years Nadezhdina invited in Birch men - dancers. Over time there was also the orchestra of national tools...

Mira Koltsova, honored actress of the Russian Federation, artistic director of the State choreographic " ensemble; Birch of N. Nadezhdina celebrated this year the creative anniversary - 50 - the anniversary. From them already nearly 30 years she directs Birch .

Koltsova`s husband, Leonid Konstantinovich Smirnov, is the chief conductor of an orchestra of ensemble. The son Philip is a composer, and the grandson graduates from music school. Not casually their family all in ensemble call musical casket . In the work Mira Koltsova follows precepts of the Teacher - Nadezhda Nadezhdina who always admired the Russian folklore. Koltsova`s statements Rainbow Spacious Lace makers " Parsley; performed by ensemble are known in 80 countries of the world. Actors Birches visited Italy, Greece, Argentina, Chile, Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, Spain and China, and also Poland, in Cyprus.

One of the Parisian newspapers published article under the name Russian character Birches . Journalists wrote about what it is enough to see at least one concert Birches to learn Russia In dances of actors - the Russian temper, force and beauty of the people.