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What toothpastes and as it is correct to choose them differ with?

the Tube with toothpaste become habitual attribute of hygiene since the early childhood. And each of us first of all goes in the morning to a bathroom: to wash and brush teeth.

And here what we know about toothpastes when we face a show-window? Usually, without reflecting, we buy that which is advertized or which used earlier. Lightly. This purchase deserves bigger attention. At least because health of teeth and an oral cavity in many respects depends on competently chosen paste of the corresponding quality.

The first tube with toothpaste was let out by the Colgate company more than hundred years ago. Since then pastes are issued in the form of cream, gel, paste - a conditioner, a liquid look etc. The form of release and composition of paste is defined by its appointment, we can use paste only for maintenance of hygiene of an oral cavity or with lechebno - the preventive purposes.

Hygienic pastes for adults refresh an oral cavity, their main components are chalk, glycerin, sodium salt, karboksimeliltsellyuloza, perfumery oil, sodium laurylsulphate, a fragrance and preservative. Children`s hygienic pastes it is even more pleasant: their tastes supplement essential oils and food essences.

As a rule, hygienic pastes are universal and suit all, the main thing - to choose that which is comfortable for daily use. And here near the shelf with lechebno - preventive pastes it is possible to be late and “ to pomudrit “. Ideal option if before it you were oriented by the stomatologist taking into account a dental health, a parodont and mucous.

These pastes serve not only a prophylactic, but also possess medicinal properties. The last condition is possible at the expense of fluoric and salt components, anti-septic tanks, extracts and oils of herbs, plants, hydroxyhepatitises. Similar pastes are capable to treat gingivit, a periodontal disease to bleach, reduce sensitivity, etc. of

there are pastes intended especially for treatment and prevention of a certain disease. At problems with parodonty it is necessary to use pastes with anti-inflammatory components (triklozan) and vegetable additives. Vegetable additives (a camomile, a St. John`s Wort, a sage, an acorus, a yarrow, a lavender) have favorable effect on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity and parodont, improve exchange processes, reduce bleeding of gums and deodorize an oral cavity. (“Parodontax“, “Classic“, “Mary“, “Pomorin“).

enter B3, B6, PP, C, K, E vitamins, enzymes and dietary supplements Into composition of some pastes. They are effective at a gingivita and diseases of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity.

There were also therapeutic pastes with anticarious and anti-inflammatory action (“Colgate Total“, “Blend - a - med“, “Oral - B Tooth and Gum Care“, “The new pearls totat“, “New pearls seven herbs“, etc.)

At hypersensibility (giperesteziya) when teeth sharply react on hot, cold, sweet, sour, - stomatologists recommend special low-abrasive pastes with the content of fluorine and chloride of potassium (“Sensodine“).

Children`s toothpastes contain vitamins A, E, aminoflyuorid (protects milk teeth from caries) and are developed taking into account maturing of enamel and the general age development of the child (“Lakalyut“, “R. o. c. s.“).

The real pastes cost not less than 25 rubles. Everything that the fake is lower than this figure, most likely. The qualitative product can be got in shop, a drugstore or in dental clinic.

Well, and there is no universal paste for all. The smiling and contented faces of all family members - only an advertizing trick. Each person has an individual dental health. And if harm from universal paste cannot be, then and it is not necessary to speak about notable advantage.

By the way, it is more reasonable not to buy paste, having independently defined the diagnosis. Better everything - to overcome laziness and to descend to the stomatologist.