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Who is she is a Black Lady of Nesvizh Castle?

name her Juliette of the Belarusian Middle Ages, medieval Elena Prekrasna. The Belarusian writer and the local historian of the 19th century Vladislav Syrokomlya wrote that her destiny is more sad, than history of the glorified crowned martyrs Anna Boleyn, Joanna Gray or Maria Stewart . Her beloved was named the Polish Romeo, contemporaries called their novel love of a century

In this novel there was everything: selfless love, counteraction of the family, secret marriage, royal crown And even touch-up which already several centuries make this love story so attractive to artists, poets and playwrights. Poison, the poison given in a wine cup. Or even more romantic version - the poisoned apple (how here not to remember Eve and Zmeya`s history). And, a half of apple was eaten by the poisoner - both survived and is healthy, and

got other half poisoned unfortunate in love If absolutely precisely, then not the poisoner, but the poisoner. Everything was, as well as it is necessary in fairy tales: the prince in love, his beloved secretly married to him and the angry mother-in-law.

And there is a wish to hang up the poster: Women! Be vigilant! Not all mothers-in-law are equally useful! .

It is about the beauty Barbara Radzivill (1520 - 1551) who against the will of the king and the queen of Poland married their son, the grand duke Lithuanian Sigismund Augustus. Also it was poisoned after recognition of marriage and crowning (1550) by the mother-in-law, Bona Sfortsa artful by the Italian from a sort Sfortsa (sforzzare (ital.) - to force, impose the will, here really sign surname!) . Sfortsa were related to Borgia and Medici, differed in the same uncontrollability of customs, desires and tendency to solve problems with the help of poison. There is a poison - there is no problem! - such is there could be a motto of this childbirth.

The legend of the Black Lady is extraordinary beautiful. A vein on light the beauty, Barbara Radzivill. It was brought up in the ancient castle. Learned languages, versification, mathematics, riding and dances. All that it was necessary to the girl from such and is a little more moreover. She was not only the beauty, but also the clear head.

Also she met the prince charming - the grand duke Lithuanian Sigismund Augustus. They fell in love with each other, and Sigismund married the darling. However, secretly. Because his parents were categorically against. But the old king died, and Sigismund II Augustus presented the beautiful wife to diet. Here it, grand duchess Lithuanian and queen of Poland! . However, instead of admiring advantages of the young queen, the shlyakhta was indignant and demanded divorce. Say even that one of magnates declared: I will agree to see on the Polish throne of the sultan Turkish rather, than Barbara Radzivill! .

But the king was persistent. As if even told such words: What came true cannot be changed, and you should ask me not about that I broke the word which I pledged to the wife, and keeping the word pledged to each of us. I pledged the word to be faithful to my spouse and I will not violate it until the Lord preserves me in this world. The word of honor, than all states of the world " is more expensive to me;.

According to other version the king told: I not only last grandson Yagellonchika, but I also person, as well as all of us guilty. And love - business of heart and conscience of each Christian. And you know: yes, I madly love Barbara .

But kings, as we know, do not find in cabbage. They surely have parents. And if the old king died, then the old queen (by the way, not such and old) safely was well. It was gnawed by hatred to the son`s wife - now she became a queen, it had a power and love.

And the old queen poisoned the daughter-in-law. As if brought it at dinner an apple moreover and cut it in half: Let`s eat it together in reconciliation and eternal love between us . And previously greased a knife which cut an apple with poison on the one hand.

Eve and Zmeya`s history. History of the Snow White and angry queen. History of the Sleeping Beauty and her stepmother. In total - rolled into one. By the way, Bon Sforts got the nickname the crowned snake

The great queen ate the poisoned apple half, was seriously ill, the istayala as a candle, and died on hands at the inconsolable king.

The king, having buried the queen, could also think only of her. Threw affairs, stayed in the days before a portrait of darling. Come though to an instant! - he persuaded. Eventually, the king resorted to the help of magicians. And they caused beautiful Barbara`s spirit in the mysterious room filled with mirrors and candles. It was, the shining beauty in white, gave thin, gentle hands to the loved king. The king rushed to the wife,

of Raskatilsya the thunder touched her hands , the lightning sparkled, puffs hid a fine white figure, and on the room the heavy putrid smell floated.

But such is there was a power of love of the king that the spirit of his darling remained on the earth. Illusive Barbara lodged in Nesvizh Castle Radzivillov, waiting for death of the husband. It had to arrive there in the last hour that after death lovers could reunite.

But Sigismund II Augustus died unexpectedly and to Nesvizh did not arrive. And Barbara waits for everything From the moment of death of darling it is in black attires as a sign of mourning for the ruined life and love.

A charming legend which and asks for the novel. At me fingers personally directly itch to write romantic history Here only one stops

- and whether there was it such romantic?

There is one more version of death the young queen. Barbara to a meeting with Sigismund was married to Stanislav Gashtold. However, it is short. In three years after a wedding she became a widow. Also stirred evil tongues that Barbara in the widowhood was extraordinary loveful. As if only in 10 months of widowhood it replaced 38 lovers, and, without paying the slightest attention to their social status, and being guided only on intimate advantages . Stirred that the widow seduced grooms, serfs and even monks.

Radzivilla, dreaming of a crown, simply brought together charming Barbara with Sigismund. Having caught lovers in very unambiguous situation, right there forced Sigismund to marry - the priest waited behind a bedroom door. To wash away a spot from honor of our sister and from honor of our sort - strict brothers explained.

This marriage gave nothing to Poland. In total bonuses departed only Radzivillam. Including lands on which the Bond Sfortsa already imposed the hard handle - the old queen for some reason preferred the Belarusian, but not the Polish lands, than frankly displeased Radzivillam.

But the diet reconciled. The bond Sfortsa rowed, but what to do

Here only old sins cast long shadows. And beautiful Barbara`s capacity of love bore fruit in the form of a venereal disease. Of which she also died. The king, without wishing to trust everything that spoke about his beloved wife, accused mother of her death.

According to one more version absence of the successor - was a cause of death of Barbara that for a royal couple of death is similar, and means either the monastery, or a grave for the queen. As if Barbara got sick from - for infertility medicine which sent her eventually to the grave.

But that is interesting - even the most unromantic, venereal the version of death of Barbara does not deny that the king adoring it caused spirit. And that this spirit still expects the beloved in old Nesvizh Castle.

They say that Barbara`s ghost predicts misfortunes now. For example, it was seen in 2002, before the fire in the lock. Some tourists claim that they with own eyes observed how the Black Lady floats along castle corridors. And you can quite try to meet the illusive beauty.