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Day without laughter - the lost day?

Scientists claim that on process of the person, the laughter appeared as reaction to danger or an unexpected event. Ancient Greeks said that the person is an animal who smiles. Of course, today scientists proved that this ability also other living beings possess.

Freud claims that with laughter excess of energy which collects Mas inside is released. Nietzsche considers that, laughing, the person restores the mental health which is broken by fear and anger.

Whether you know that the laughter can cause in people also a chemical irritant? In particular, at inhalation of a small amount of gas of nitrogen oxide of people begins to laugh. This gas was found in 1772, but began to be used widely only in the 19th century, especially in medicine since in large numbers has anesthetic effect. Its cheerful properties found out incidentally during experiences what gave it one more name - amusing gas.

According to medical researches the laughter is a peculiar internal jogging because increases pressure as required, for increase in supply of blood and oxygen to fabrics. At the same time the breath cycle changes that allows to inhale more oxygen and to exhale carbon dioxide. The laughter involves 400 various muscles, weakening or straining them. The similar effect can be reached occupations by yoga!

When we laugh, we breathe more deeply, than usually. Vocal chords fluctuate uncontrolledly and, at least, 400 million cells of lungs, i.e. three times bigger number are activated, than at usual breath. Thus more oxygen comes to body muscles.

When we inhale more oxygen, inflow of blood to the person therefore it reddens increases. Also 11 face muscles and necks begin to work. At strong laughter can it will be connected also muscles which release tears.

When we laugh, the brain makes a large amount of endorphins - hormones which have the strong weakening and soothing effect. Endorphins strengthen immune system, improve blood circulation, lower pressure and reduce heart arrhythmia. With their help more oxygen to a brain and muscles arrives, the feeling of fatigue decreases. Also there are indications that they regulate sugar level in blood.

It was noted that the laughter reduces the level of catecholamines in blood - hormones which level increases at an intensive stress. They are responsible for the raised load of ours warmly - vascular system. Not casually at heart attacks note their increased concentration.

When we laugh with all the heart:

In a nadgortannik the part of a throat is closed and breath becomes irregular (speak filched breath ) .

Heart fights quicker.

Stomach muscles, sometimes even to pain are activated. What strengthens and trains them, helping also digestion.

The imunnayasistema since the bigger quantity of white blood cages which struggle with infections is made becomes stronger, increasing concentration of antibodies in blood.

We help a gastrointestinal tract, massaging bodies in a stomach.

The laughter is some kind of gymnastics since at sharp laughter muscles on all body are convulsively reduced. It is counted that if the person laughs 10 - 15 minutes a day, then it burns about 50 kcal. So who wishes to grow thin - laugh with all the heart!