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Why sports tournaments are held... rodents? For fun

you Want not one - believe, you want - no, but toothy dlinnokhvostik participate in sports competitions not worse than pyatachkasty korotkokhvostik.

For example, in Moscow within an ecological festival hold five years in a row the Olympic Games of rodents which are urged to propagandize protection of animals. Its participants compete in high-speed run, overcoming of an obstacle course and passing of a labyrinth. On the main platform polecats compete, on small others settle down: rats, mongooses etc. of

of the Mink, without suspecting that, act in quality the VIP - guests. The largest of rodents, a kapibara, for obvious reasons do not take part in tournament, it is not enough of them at us, besides these handsomes such clodhoppers...

The small derogation from a subject connected with labyrinths: it is experimentally proved that the same rats cope with their fancy turns much more successfully than people. Also show directly - the true wisdom, deciding whether it is worth being let there.

So, at one of the American universities psychologists made such experiment. One labyrinth was intended for students: at the end of his successful walker found a coin of five-dollar advantage. Another was constructed for rats who at the exit were expected by a delicacy.

Business even not that participants having a tail showed the best results in production of a prize. When he was moved away at that and others, and labyrinths left, rats bystrekhonko thought that there is nothing to look for there more and refused even to stick a nose, and students dolgonko still went in hope for the gratuitous five of dollars. Ridiculously, huh?

But we will return to the surprising Olympic Games. Winners in it receive titles of the craftiest, the most cunning and the most bright. Perhaps of course, chetverolapy champions also need such ranks though most likely, they will amuse vanity of owners of athletes, but prizes for certain are to the taste and get only him.

Someone will take an interest: And whether there are a lot of prizes? Yes do not doubt, enough. You judge: the prize fund of the last, V Moscow Olympic Games of rodents which took place in August, 2008 made even two million rubles. It is asked that not to be run in view of that?

Similar competitions even if are carried out under the sign of protection of animals, nevertheless entertainment. But it happens that they will be organized in educational and even scientific purposes.

At university of the State of Nebraska , for example, this tradition exists since the beginning of 1970 - x years and is final exam in the " program; Demonstration of the basic principles of learning ability . Students at the beginning of academic year receive on a rat to train the ward of a small animal in a number of skills.

Today records here are as follows:

in a raising of weights (at demonstration of achievements the ratio of the lifted freight and body weight of a rat is considered) - 116,5%;

in high-speed rise on a one-and-a-half-meter rope - 3. 33 sec.;

in obstacle race - 4. 2 sec.;

in walking on a rope for a while - 120 cm to

Besides, are shown long jumps: from a platform on trainers, and results are estimated on soft landing.

The staff of MSU and Moscow Zoo (M. E. Goltsman, I. A. Volodin) within scientific research arranged tournaments of three types of sandworts (only males) on to hand-to-hand fight . It turned out that all of them used the same demonstrative poses: a boxing rack on hinder legs, a lateral rack of intimidation, an oboronitelna a pose and prosecution.

Big sandworts longer than the others looked narrowly to each other, tightened interaction, preferring psychological pressure to physical ways of a showdown, i.e. a fight. Mongols preferred near fight. Light sandworts were the most cruel in fights.

Most, in my opinion, interesting that managed to be revealed as a result: those small animals who contained in loneliness showed much higher level of aggression, than public . Curious conclusion, isn`t that so?