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What it is possible to prepare for a New Year`s table?

Not far off the holiday loved by all - a meeting of New year. It promises many pleasant minutes. With special mood and care order is brought to the house, the place for a fir-tree which is already waiting in the wings is prepared to be dressed up by garlands and toys enthusiastically the children expecting this solemn moment. Gifts are chosen...

And not the last place among a set of other pleasant efforts is taken by preparation something tasty to a holiday table. By the way, the New Year`s table at which your family will gather is a table special. Its appointment - to create, strengthen and prolong the atmosphere of a favourite holiday therefore in view of that the ware can be chosen the best which is in the house, and to lay a table the most elegant cloth. And napkins have to be picked up in tone of a cloth.

Think over, than it is possible to add dishes, and gravies offer 3 - 4 types of sauces separately, in sousnitsa. Also do not forget about spices and seasonings: mustard, horse-radish, salt. At the beginning of a feast it is better to serve sandwiches, salads, cold appetizers. They have to be enough till midnight. And it is not necessary to aspire at once at all and by all means to feed all to satiety, you remember: holiday ahead. After a meeting of New year it is good to replace ware and devices and to give a hot dish. And then and sweet table.

I want to offer as possible several dishes to a New Year`s table.

In a family carrots salad enjoys popularity . To rub carrots half a kilogram on an average grater, to knead 200 g of kernels of walnuts in a mortar, to pass through a chesnokodavilka of 5 segments of garlic, to knead 150 g of butter. To mix everything, to add 2 tablespoons of sugar, 200 g of mayonnaise. To lay out on a dish. To decorate from above with greens of parsley or fennel.

For certain haricot paste will decorate your New Year`s table and . On a glass of the haricot wetted in cold water within 6 hours the onion, two tablespoons of vegetable oil undertakes. I boil haricot in water in which it bulked up, to readiness, periodically adding on a tablespoon of cold water for cooking acceleration, and then I roast in a frying pan till ruddy color, having merged previously broth. I pass ready haricot via the meat grinder, I add small chopped onions, salt, pepper, sour cream. Then I kindle to softness oil or margarine (quantity to taste), I pour out in paste and I shake up a spoon to splendor. Before giving on a table I decorate with greens or a pickles.

As a hot New Year`s dish it is possible to prepare of a goose with apples . On one large goose the glass of sour cream, salt, black ground pepper will be required, it is a little kindza seeds.

To Antonovk to clear of a peel, to cut on segments, having taken out a seed box. Goose to pluck, draw, singe over fire, to rub outside and from within solyo, pepper, to strew with the kindza seeds pounded in powder. To lay apples inside and to sew up a bird with a light severe thread. From above accurately and evenly to cover with sour cream.

It is the best of all to lay a goose in an oven, filling on a baking sheet is a little water, hours at nine in the evening, then the dish can be given in time. The cooled-down and again warmed up goose loses tastes. Before giving on a table it is necessary to take out from an oven of a ready ruddy goose, to merge excess fat in separate ware, to remove threads, to take out from it apples. To cut a bird on portion pieces (it is better to do it by garden scissors not to create inconvenience to guests), to lay out on a dish.

Beautifully laid sour cucumbers which are taken out from a goose apples and potatoes on - Chisinau can be a garnish. 500 grams of potatoes to polish, slice thin and to lay in a poultry roaster or in a chugunok. To shake up two crude eggs, 0,5 glasses of sour cream and 0,5 glasses of milk, to add 3 - 4 spoons of grated cheese, ground black pepper, salt, to fill in with this mix potatoes and to bake in an oven. It will be worthy addition to a goose.

For a dessert apple dumplings are good . For this purpose prepare 400 g of flour, 30 g of vegetable oil, 25 g of sugar, a half of a tea spoon of dry yeast, salts to taste of 250 g of warm water and knead soft dough. Beat 2 egg whites and 100 g of sugar, pour in dough and mix.

Peel apples of a peel and a core, cut rings not more thickly than 1 cm. Then immerse them in dough and fry in oil to a ruddy crust. Put ready ringlets on a dish and strew with icing sugar.

Of course, it does not exclude also other sweets, especially frozen.

Holiday pleasant to you!