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How it is correct to buy drugs?

Ached you or your relatives. What you usually do? You go to a drugstore, you buy medicine which seems to you suitable for this case, at best having consulted with the druggist or the pharmacist in a drugstore, but most often you rely on the knowledge in the field.

What rules should be followed upon purchase of medicines?

Remember that drugs - goods specific therefore it is better not to self-medicate and not to buy medicines without consultation of the doctor. If all of you - decided to buy medicine independently, ask the instruction and attentively study the column contraindications . In case you make the wrong choice, back it will not be possible to return the bought medicine to you.

Never buy drugs privately, prefer large drugstores or networks of drugstores to pharmaceutical booths.

Upon purchase of medicine surely call: illness from which you get a preparation; age of the patient (if you buy medicine for the child or the elderly person); chronic diseases which he suffers (especially diabetes, diseases of kidneys, asthma); whether there is no allergy or intolerance of certain medicines; surely report if you take medicine for the pregnant woman or the nursing mother. Ask to show you several preparations having similar action.

Try not to be bought on advertizing. Advertizing is only the trade engine, and nothing more. In advertizing of medicines nothing is told neither about side effects, nor about contraindications unless in small print.

If you have a recipe, surely show it as in it it will be specified what preparation is necessary to you, and its dosage. According to the rules existing since the beginning of 2006, doctors have to write out drugs not according to the name (the trade name), and according to active chemicals, that is according to the International Unlicensed Name (IUN). So, for example, the medicine having MHH " paracetamol; Panadol, Efferalgan, Tsefekon, Kalpol, Perfalgan can be on sale under the name Paracetamol. When these preparations contain equal amount of active agent, their medical impact on an organism approximately identical. Such drugs will be drugs - synonyms. You can replace quietly such drugs with each other.

Often confuse drugs to synonyms - analogs. These are those drugs which treat the same diseases, but contain various active ingredients. For example, means for treatment of an allergy Suprastin and the Dimedrol have the expressed somnolent effect, and Klaritin, too antiallergic means, does not cause drowsiness. At drugs - analogs medical influence is similar, but they can significantly differ with the side effects and contraindications. Before drug intake - analog it is the best of all to consult to the doctor.

Sometimes you complain that got to you fake as medicine did not give the expected effect. However you are not always right. The matter is that the drugs having the same trade name can be issued various producers. So, hypotensive means Enalapril is let out by Hemofarm (Yugoslavia), JSC Darnitsa (Ukraine), Obolensky pharmaceutical enterprise (Russia), etc. They can have a different set of excipients, respectively different color, a form and different therapeutic action. If you constantly take any medicine, always buy drugs of the same producer.

Choose the preparation containing the dosage of active agent prescribed you. Most often the dosage of a preparation is specified on its packing. So, for example, name Yodomarin of the 200th No. 100 says that one tablet of medicine contains 200 mg of active ingredient, and in packing of 100 tablets.

Ask the instruction to a preparation if you get not all packing or the instruction is absent. Surely look at an expiration date of a preparation and check integrity of packing. If it is ampoules, look whether all whole whether there is a cutter in packing, ask a cutter if it is absent or you take not a full pack, and several ampoules.

Correctly you store house drugs according to recommendations on packing or the instruction and far away from children. And good luck!