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In what dogrose force? The great Russian poet A. S has

. Pushkina is remarkable lines:

Sad is time! Eyes charm!

Is pleasant to me your farewell beauty -

I magnificent the nature Love withering,

In scarlet and in gold the dressed woods

the Special charm about which A.S. Pushkin wrote, it is concealed in multi-colored heavy rains of a leaf fall which spill on the tired earth in the fall. The fall as the gifted artist, paints the woods and parks in scarlet and " gold;. As if heat of soul is put by it in these copper, bronze, gold leaves. Whether you walk in park whether you go on the wood, you see a holiday of fall everywhere: and in the falling-down leaves, and in those gifts of the nature with which forest trees and bushes are rich.

And how many opportunities for health promise beautiful fruits which long flaunt on branches, it is frequent even after subsidence of foliage. Still the glowing clusters of a mountain ash, a guelder-rose, a hawthorn, sea-buckthorn berry, hips are from a distance noticeable. All plants contain a set of the most various vitamins. And original champions in their accumulation in these or those bodies, whether it be leaves, flowers, bark, fruits occur among plants.

Where - nibud on the fringe of the forest or on the bank of a ravine at the beginning of summer blossom on a bush fine large brightly - pink flowers with numerous yellow stamens. It is a dogrose. But it is careful, do not prick! You see how many small prickly thorns on are reddish - brown branches! The plant therefore and is called that its stalk is densely seated by thorns.

Medicinal properties of a dogrose are known long ago. The ancient documents narrating that else in ancient Russia boyars and noblemen ordered to the serfs to collect fruits of it of a rasteniyapudama remained. In days of dogrose crop failures many batog walked on lean country backs for non-performance of a master`s order.

Since then our time was reached by a set of species of this magic plant. Besides that it grows on open places in the wood, on slopes, it is used and as an ornamental shrub.

Here and around our school a vperezhka with other bushes the dogrose grows. When many years ago constructed school, children together with teachers brought root shanks of a dogrose from the wood, put them, and in 3 - 4 expanded both branchy high, and dense low bushes (the proof of a raznovidovost).

In the spring they become covered large faintly - pink flowers, and in September attract children brightly - orange coloring fleshy turned sour - sweet fruits.

of Advantage of these plants at school is a lot of. Children under the leadership of teachers learn to look after bushes: cut branches in the spring, delete the expanding root shoots that at bushes the form remained, in May and June they admire its flowers, and in the fall, at manual training, collect fruits. Besides try to do it to frosts as learned from books that the frost reduces the content of vitamins in a dogrose.

Dry them right after collecting in big ovens at a temperature of 80 degrees, then pour in cardboard boxes. And when in school cafeteria to children cook drink from a dogrose, add it to tea, cook compote, children drink everything with pleasure because it and is tasty, and it is useful.

And at lessons of botany and biology is what to talk about. Children know that the dogrose is invaluable polyvitaminic the gift presented to us by the generous nature that this plant which helps the person to resupply with

the most different vitamins B an organism: With, B1, B2, P, PP, K.

Telling about tannic and pectinaceous substances, giving examples of minerals of the haematogenic complex (iron, calcium, copper and many others), the teacher refers including to a dogrose which contains all these biologically active agents. Recommending to children the all-strengthening means which increases immunity, the teacher again - mentions also a dogrose.

Children acquired that hips possess zhelchegonny and diuretic action that apply them at diseases of a liver, a gall bladder (hepatitises, cholecystitises), kidneys and a bladder. And as vitamin means parents in a drugstore bought by much of them dogrose syrup - sweet and very tasty preparation.

According to national recipes and houses they together with parents prepare dogrose infusions for what 1 tablespoon of fruits is filled in with 1 glass of boiled water, heat on slow fire till 20 minutes, insist. Then filter and accept 2 - 3 times a day after food that no cold to them was terrible.

Such here educational and improving force at a dogrose, this multivitamin and salutary plant.