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To which of the Russian actors “ mobsters “ behind council went?

many admirers of creative talent of Vsevolod Dmitriyevich Larionov will come on October 8 to the Vagankovo Cemetery to honor memory of the legendary Soviet and Russian actor. On its first role at cinema not one generation of romantic, courageous guys because not to everyone it is allowed to debut so brightly grew. It was Dick Send in the children`s adventure movie “ Fifteen-year-old captain “ Seva`s hero (and nobody then differently in a different way called him) appeared very noble, courageous, say, in him was felt “ breed “.

Also was in whom. His grandfather for many years was in due time the actor of imperial theaters, proud, but not haughty, able to behave not only on a scene, but also in usual life. Vsevolod`s mother differed in a special pedantry, accuracy, her ancestors moved to Russia at the time of Peter I from Germany. Larionov` family was related to Tolstoy and Mamontov, and his native aunt, Sofya Giatsintova debuted in theater already in 16 - summer age, in 1911, playing on stage together with the idol V. Kachalov. Since 1937 it played in Theatre to them. Lenin Komsomol, and 15 years later, after death of the spouse Ivan Nikolaevich Bersenev, headed theater.

The aunt - the director, the nephew is an actor

is not casual that her nephew Vsevolod Larionov after such brilliant debut at cinema appeared at first in theatrical school at Lenkom Theatre, and having finished it in 1950, began to play on this stage. By the way, he remained one of the leading actors of this theater for more than half a century.

But we will return to cinema. “ Fifteen-year-old captain “ came out in victorious 1945. It was the real gift to boys - to romantics. How many they sang then Dick`s song from this movie:

Let heaven threatens with a lightning to us,

All the same we will not lower a sail!

Honour and a debt ordered to reach to us the purpose!

Let wind howls and roars!

Let is furious it our tackles tears!

we Know - a way at us one:


I Dick Send (Vsevolod Larionov`s) image was always on the mind.

In the following, 1946, Seva was called for shootings in the movie “ Cruiser “Varangian“ “ where he played one of roles. And then he was so captured by study that at cinema it appeared only five years later, having replaced role “ ship`s boys - the seaman “ on the traveler (the movie “ Przhevalsky “) . To the middle 60 - x years some more pictures with Larionov`s participation - " came out; Silvery " dust; “ The Street is full of surprises “ and others.

Fifteen-year-old... idle time is farther than

A - as cut off. Obviously, not without influence of the aunt which prompted to the nephew that for a start it is necessary to get firmly on feet in theater, and then already to think of cinema. Among roles on a scene best of all worked well for the actor Boris (“ Happiness Wheel “), Vano (“ The Guy from our city “), Polezhayev (“ Uneasy old age “), Philip (“ Til “), Mamayev (“ Wise man “), cardinal Woolsey (“ Royal games “) and others … the Second coming of Vsevolod Larionov in cinema was the share to

of the end 70 - x years. And return turned out enough - bright. The vain Hunter in “ Ordinary miracle “ the selling judge Bels in the movie “ That Myunkhgauzen “ - all this roles especially negative, then two detectives in a row - “ Ogareva, 6 “ and “ The Ring from Amsterdam “ production novel “ From winter to winter “ drama “ Uninvited friend “ melodrama “ Relatives “ film story “ Through Gobi and Hingan “ two historical movies - “ Anna Pavlova “ and “ Demidova “. By the way, the role of the patron Sergey Dyagilev in the movie " is recognized as the best work of Vsevolod Larionov; Anna Pavlova “ only role of the true aristocrat in career of the actor.

I specially listed these movies to show that the actor was popular in any genres … Pierre Richard and a parrot told

by one voice

A still it actively “ worked “ off-screen. By its voice Pierre Richard in some movies spoke: “ Toy “ “ The High blonde in a black " boot; “ Return of the high blonde “ and others. Much Larionov and animated films sounded. One of the most favourite nurseries “ cartoon serials “ about “ 38 parrots “ you remember? How you think who speaks Vsevolod Dmitriyevich`s by voice? Correctly - one of header heroes - a parrot!

“ The Robbery on … “ “ Cinderella “ New Aladdin “ “ The Dog in " boots; - it is difficult to present without Vsevolod Larionov. And it in spite of the fact that in theater charged it very serious roles. When Arseny Tarkovsky of Lenkom Theatre staged “ Hamlet “ Polonius`s role was charged to Larionov, and he perfectly coped with it …

the People`s artist of Russia Vsevolod Larionov became in 1977, and 15 years (some bewitched number) later its popularity reached the highest level. In a TV series “ Goryachev and others “ he played the role of the cool mafioso which brought it popularity nearly equal “ To the Fifteen-year-old captain “. By his own words, “ mobsters “ even began to be to it behind councils …

He continued to act further. “ " Gold; “ Incomparable “ “ Russian singer “ - it only in 1993. “ Lifeline “ in 1996 - m. The drama " became the latest work at cinema; Repete “ which shootings were finished in 2000.

By this moment Vsevolod Larionov was already seriously sick. He died in own apartment after a long and serious illness on October 8, 2000 …