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In what similarity of psychology, psychotherapy and psychoconsultation to a nested doll?

to understand what ratio of psychology, psychotherapy and psychological consultation, imagine usual Russian dolls. Call her Psychology . Open this nested doll, inside you will see one more, it is less. Her name Psychotherapy . Again open it, you look, one more lies by name " inside; Psychoconsultation .

It here ratio. The psychology - more general science, and psychotherapy and psychoconsultation - two of its affiliated branches, and psychoconsultation, in turn, branches off from psychotherapy.

With psychotherapy too not everything is so simple. It as the doubled tree with two trunks. The first trunk - medical psychotherapy. It is much closer to psychiatry and to medicine, than to psychology. The second trunk - psychological psychotherapy. It is close to psychology and to philosophy.

In other words if the person ended philosophical, psychological, the psychologist - pedagogical faculty, he has full authority to go in only for not medical psychotherapy if he is a graduate of medical institute with a bias on psychiatry or has medical and psychological education, such person can quietly go in for medical psychotherapy. This person is free to appoint, write out some drugs as the doctor, as the psychiatrist.

I will give an example. Let`s say the girl has a depression from - for unfortunate love. She was tired to suffer and went to the psychotherapist. If it went to the therapist - the psychologist, that will provide with it different trainings, conversations, to develop in common the plan of disposal, an exit from a depression. If the girl got on reception to the medical psychotherapist, then he, besides everything listed, also her can prescribe medicine. Of course, the psychotherapy is divided into a set of types: individual, family and group; behavioural and humanistic; short-term and long-term; nursery and so on. Allow to talk about it in the following article.

In what then difference of psychotherapy from psychological consultation?

Psychotherapy (both medical, and not medical) deals with deeper problems, more difficult, serious cases.

Usually the psychotherapy passes much longer, that is more sessions are necessary, it is more than work with the client for permission of its problem while psychoconsultation occupies from one meeting (session) to twelve - fifteen.

The psychotherapy demands more profound knowledge, bigger experience, is more labor-consuming. The psychologist - the consultant should not and is not obliged to undertake cases in which feels incompetent and when sees that just consultation it is impossible to manage.

There are and still differences, but they already thinner, specific. There will be no you, dear readers to tire with the science. There is enough also of the fact that now you clearly saw a difference between these areas and you know what of them what it is capable of.