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As there live people with artificial kidney ?

Each of us at least once in the life heard the words artificial kidney or hemodialysis . And many of us have no idea that they are these concepts. I will try to explain you all gravity of these words and to tell you what they are.

For some patients with the only way to prolong life treatment by the device " is; artificial kidney . The artificial kidney represents the car weighing about 80 kg which works as the pump, accepting blood from the patient and after cleaning returning back it.

Cleaning is made when passing blood via the special device - the dialyzer. The principle of operation of the dialyzer consists in the following. The dialyzer consists of a large number of tubules (capillary type) on which the patient`s blood proceeds, outside these tubules are washed by the special dialyzing solution. The wall of these tubules consists of a semipermeable membrane through which by method of osmosis and diffusion harmful substances and surplus of minerals from blood come to the dialyzing solution.

the dialyzing solution merges after that and is continuously replaced with new.

Procedure of a hemodialysis (the name of one of widespread techniques of purification of blood) usually takes from 3 to 5 - 7 hours, and sometimes and more.

If the patient suffers CRF (chronic renal failure), then usually procedure of a hemodialysis is carried out 2 - 4 times a week constantly. If at the patient SRF (sharp renal failure) developed, then procedures can be carried out even daily before elimination of the phenomena of intoxication and restoration of independent functioning of kidneys.

Procedures of a hemodialysis are carried out in special offices and the centers of nephrology and a hemodialysis. The doctor - the nephrologist, sometimes the resuscitator carries out procedure. Selection of patients for treatment on the device " is carefully carried out; artificial kidney .

This method of treatment is revolutionary in treatment of HPN, however not all patients have a life on a hemodialysis cloudless. Lifelong attachment to the device and drugs, weight of the accompanying pathology, and also emergence of the new complications connected with a hemodialysis creates sometimes serious problems of quality of life of these patients.

Often they become derelicts not only in the environment, but also among some doctors of various specialties which from - for uniqueness of pathology and a method of treatment are not always informed on features of treatment of these patients.

The patient suffering from HPN, receiving regular procedures of a hemodialysis, prepares for transplantation of a kidney - change operation to it a donor kidney. Now at change are used or kidneys of the person who died, or kidneys of close relatives of the patient.

In the first case the intake of a kidney is carried out according to the law on transplantation, at the person who just died at the same time the so-called brain death is registered. I.e. the fence of body is resolved only at a corpse at irreversible death of his brain. At the same time kidneys, as well as many other bodies, are still live and capable to return to performance of the functions in an organism of other person. It is not enough to find a donor kidney, sick, but not each patient needs to replace it in the shortest possible time it can approach. Observance of a number of conditions is necessary.

the Kidney has to belong to the person, the blood type, a Rhesus factor - a trading station other anti-genes of blood of which have to coincide with those at sick (recipient) to whom are going to replace this kidney.

Is necessary also compliance on a number of immunological factors. After in the conditions of the operating room the renal transplantation is carried out, to the patient large volume of medicinal therapy is appointed.

the Basis of treatment make the preparations which are sharply suppressing immune (protective) system of the patient, so-called immunosuppressants. They are appointed in order that there was no rejection of the transplanted kidney. In an organism of each person there is a system of recognition of foreign bodies and fabrics. If not to suppress it, then the transplant will be torn away and will cease to function.

How immunosuppressants long are accepted? For life. It is so much how many there lives the transplant in the patient`s organism. As you can understand

from everything above written, artificial kidney or a hemodialysis, in some way substitute of our native kidneys (doctors resort to this method when kidneys do not want to work), but constant life with dependence on this procedure is very heavy and bears many problems for the person. The same can be told about the people who transferred transplantation.

So protect the health from the youth and you remember that our organism has a good potential for life and not to lose it and not to appear on a hospital bed - you watch over health and think of yourself.