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How many enemies the machine gunner in one fight can do in?

In last release Chronicles of war I told about such type of armed forces as a cavalry. Someone believed that horse shelves played a significant role during the first stage of the Great Patriotic War, some began to doubt. Today I want to continue this subject and to tell about the Hero of the Soviet Union Hanpashe Nuradilov who battled just - in sabers.

Hanpasha in 1920 in Min`s village - Togay (nowadays the village of Gamiyakh of the New Lak area of the Republic of Dagestan) in a large Chechen family was born. His father was rather poor person, to support a family was not so - that simply, that is why to children had no time for study as soon as they grew up and became capable to earn at least kopeks, they also were engaged in it. Also Hanpash was not an exception. In the beginning he helped shepherds of a mouth of a flock of sheep with mountains, then actively participated in a hairstyle of animals, say, of primary education and ability to undersign for itself(himself) for the sheet to him quite was enough.

Changed reins for a trigger

A bit later he settled on oil production, worked as a maslenshchik at a petrorocking chair. Was moderately executive and rather clever guy, trying to carry out all orders precisely and honestly. In the fall of 1940 Hanpasha was called up for Red Military service, for a cavalry regiment. As he was able to treat animals, he was decided to be used as riding. Also were not mistaken: the young Chechen guy made thrifty use of horses very much. Animals are very sympathetic on kindness, there was no case that horses whom Hanpasha looked after limped

In June, 1941 when Hitlerite hordes perfidiously attacked the Soviet Union, a cavalry regiment where Hanpasha served, on the front threw not at once. But riding Nuradilov addressed the commander nearly in the first day: appoint riding someone another, and I want to become a machine gunner. It turned out that Hanpasha has very sharp-sighted look and a firm hand, during educational firing practice from a machine gun to him was not equal

of 120 fascists in one fight

34 - y a cavalry regiment was thrown on a front line late fall 1941. But threw into fight not at once. But baptism of fire at cavalrymen turned out in many respects tragic. Their regiment stopped covering retreat of our troops so they appeared face to face with the coming opponent`s forces. They were attacked become skilled in fights, by parts of Wehrmacht armed cap-a-pie. Meanwhile, our horsemen did not even manage to be dug round plainly and many the main fire power had rifles and carbines, the automatic weapon was practically absent. One hope was on machine guns

the Commander of machine-gun calculation Hanpasha Nuradilov found a firing position, very successful. It settled down on a small eminence that increased firing sector. But, on the other hand, and our machine gunners were very vulnerable, they were as if on a silver platter the second number of calculation killed with

In the first hours of fight. One more fighter came to the rescue, but also he was comprehended by the same destiny. Part of a regiment, without having sustained an impact of Hitlerites, struck at full speed. And only Hanpasha did not leave the place of fight, watering and watering fascists with deadly fire

As fritsa fought, they were forced to recede. And as soon as the opponent turned a back, Nuradilov in spite of the fact that he was wounded, lifted companions in counterattack. Cavalrymen even managed to take seven Hitlerite fighters prisoner. When they saw who impeded progress of an infantry battalion, could not hide surprise: before them was 21 - the summer thin fellow who from attacking suited much for sons

When our reserves approached the place of fight, the commander of a regiment ordered to count how many Hitlerites it was necessary to lie not movably in sector of firing of a nuradilovsky machine gun. The death toll of Hitlerites made about 120 people. Be on the place of the modest Chechen fellow some noisy and skilled machine gunner - to it only for this fight would award the order. And Nuradilov so up to the end was also not believed - it seemed unreal that whether one commander of machine-gun calculation put so many fascists

Four weapon emplacements are destroyed and the way is free

Hanpasha Took offense at it? Unless only in soul. He battled against Hitlerites not for the sake of awards, and protecting the native earth. And a month later, in January, 1942, made a feat again. This time it together with the friend a machine gun was attacking in the forefront, revealing and destroying machine-gun calculations of fascists. One, the second, third, fourth. Having lost so many weapon emplacements, Hitlerites ran from a battlefield, the village was freed by prompt attack. The number of the fascists destroyed in fight by the brave machine gunner exceeded fifty people

a month Later new cruel fight. Several times fascists tried to take by assault a skyscraper which was defended by Hanpasha. And again its well-aimed fire forced Hitlerites to lie. He beat off in a row several long attacks, was several times wounded, but did not rise from - for a machine gun until the opponent settled all the forces and resources. After that fight about 200 went to Germany death notifications

The valorous machine gunner became known on all front soon. Wrote newspapers about it, about it composed verses, but also Hitlerites learned with whom they deal, and arranged the real hunting for Hanpashoy. Against it repeatedly threw groups of snipers, but the front destiny preserved it for the time being

At the height of 220

Hanpasha accepted the Last battle at the well-known height 220 on the left river bank Don, on approaches to Stalingrad. This height repeatedly appeared then both on ours and on the German cards, being one of the most recognizable reference points. But then, on September 12, 1942, at height terrible fight ran high. Hitlerites threw a large number of tanks on our positions. Hanpasha`s machine gun shot without ceasing, cutting fascist infantry from tanks. But terrible explosion was suddenly distributed, the gap from a tank shell overturned both a machine gun and the brave sergeant. So the nice son of the Chechen people Hanpasha Nuradilov died.

As his fellow soldiers counted then, on the fighting account of the commander of a machine-gun platoon there were about 920 destroyed fascists, 12 captivated Hitlerites and 7 of the taken trophy machine gun. On March 31, 1943 to Nuradilov Hanpashe Nuradilovich the rank the Hero of the Soviet Union is given (posthumously).