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Who was a prototype of ghosts Black lock of Olshansky ?

Black lock Olshansky. Month dives in clouds.

of the Tower in a gloom foggy have dreams about the past dense.

Listen to wind dank, wolf howl on far plains,

Listen as they on teeth tremble with fear of an aspen.

At as it is dead and it is silent! Darkness, as in one thousand abysses marsh.

Is silent! You hear in the distance in arcades steps incorporeal?

Full-whose everyone such in the lock that runs cold for fear,

On galleries there pass the lady with the black monk.

Here Vladimir Korotkevich in the well-known novel " so described emergence of ghosts of the Olshansky lock; Black lock Olshansky . You read - and a jimjams, and you see these ghosts which slowly and important go on castle gallery. The white dress of the lady easily fluctuates - but not from wind! - and nearby the monastic cassock rocks, from - under low pulled hood reddish eyes gleam

As was written by Korotkevich, nasty Belarusian romanticism - but to what it is beautiful! The legend explaining emergence of ghosts also is given in the novel: as if there lived in XYII a century the prince Vitovt Olshansky, and it had a wife - Hannah - Gordislava who had an affair with Gremislav Valyuzhinich that the sort from Gedimin considered and took in head to revolt against legitimate authority. Valyuzhinich was on appointments to the princess in a monastic dress - that did not learn. And as if caught them the prince yes immured both in Olshansky`s vaults of the lock. And neupokoyenny souls began to wander ghosts, to frighten people. Valyuzhinich - all in the same monastic attire in which the princess tempted, and the princess - in a white dress, pure and light as a lunar beam by

However, by the end of the novel Korotkevich this beauty destroys. He offers a rational explanation for emergence of ghosts: reflection of ancient hours on a castle belfry. The monk - a shadow from an arrow, and the lady - shadow from a reflector.

And everything is fine. The fine novel, what is called the historical detective story now. All mysticism in it is explained, everything is rational. But according to the real Olshansky to the lock ghosts really go. Including ghost of the White Lady.

The black lock of Olshansky exists not only on pages of the book, but also actually: near Oshmyan, on the suburb of the village of Golshana (there were two pronunciations of a surname - Olshanskiye and Golshanskiye). Ruins of the lock can be seen and today. However, the lock was not black, and is dark - red, but these are particulars.

Once this lock was considered as the most beautiful structure of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It really was such as Korotkevich described it: the rectangle with octahedral towers on corners, to the yard really conducted an arch tunnel in an entrance tower ( it were gate - an aperture, gate - a tunnel, gate - an entrance to a cave of the terrible giant from the evil fairy tale walls of the tunnel are low laid out by cyclopean crude boulders length of a tunnel of meters fifteen ) . Defensive ditches with water, the walls covered with frescos, inlaid floors - not without reason Olshanskiye`s princes conducted the sort from the grand duke Lithuanian, were related to kings.

Here only one nuance: Olshansky` family died away to the middle of XYI of a century, Semyon Yuryevich who died in 1556 was the last prince Olshansky. So no prince Vitovt Olshansky in 1611 (according to Korotkevich) left solemnly on a lovitva adulteress with the lover. At this time the lock belonged already to a sort of Sapegi (passed as a dowry from Olena Yurevna Olshanskaya who married Pavel Sapegu).

There was no Hannah - Gordislava Olshanskoy about which tell the legends very close to the text of the novel of Korotkevich. As if there was she the princess in ancient times and fell in love with Valyuzhinich of humble origin (it at Korotkevich he conducted a sort from Gedimin, the national rumor of the famous relatives for Gremislav does not recognize). And then the strict father to stop the romantic relations of lovers, enjoined to immure the young man in a lock wall - that it was untempting on princesses from well-known, a family of great antiquity to stare. And - immured. And - it goes a black shadow, finding the murderers.

What is interesting - Valyuzhinich was not, Hannah - Gordislava was not, and the black ghost is in the Olshansky lock. They say that there was he in moonlight nights, wandered about the destroyed castle walls. As if protected the lock.

The white Lady is too - she was seen by many, and these appointments were always very unpleasant, and some are even rather offensive. However, considering history of the White Lady, in its aggression there is nothing surprising.

No, any princess or princess Olshanskoy, any love of the high-native lady to the beautiful peasant. It is Romeo and Juliette`s not history. In something the destiny of the White Lady is even more tragic. Patrimonial hostility led to Romeo and Juliette`s death. And the death of the White Lady is connected with construction - so utilitarianly, so unromantically and such tragedy

is Told that Pavel Stefan Sapega wanted to construct a church and the monastery in 1618. Also promised builders an award for completion of works. They tried - money - that not superfluous. But here the trouble - one of walls stubborn did not wish to stand. Fell off three times, despite guaranteed high-quality work of bricklayers.

Builders decided that just like that the monastery will not stand, the victim is necessary. But who? Having thought, they agreed that the victim will be specified by a case: that from wives of builders which the first will bring to the husband a lunch will become it. One of workers married just recently, and it should have happened are his wife the first came running to building. It was also bricked up the monastery.

Legend? Fairy tale? But quite recently at restoration of a church found a female skeleton in a wall. What is interesting: instead of burying the found remains as it is necessary, with burial service in the temple, a bone buried without any ceremonies. And everything, participating in finding of a skeleton and wrong burial died during 4 - x months after funeral . Unfortunately, the place of burial remained to unknown.

By the way, the Black Monk can be result of the same sacrifice for strengthening of walls. The male skeleton was found immured in a lock wall. Also buried it also unsuccessfully, as well as remains of the White Lady.

And the White Lady with the Black Monk absolutely ungirdled: to them it became already uncomfortable in the destroyed lock, and they got over in the restored church which part is given to Golshansky branch of the National art museum. Ghosts lodged in the only tower which now and call - tower of ghosts also frighten visitors.

The black Monk is still clear, moonlight nights against a window or a niche. Witnesses of its emergence claim that the ceiling at the same time begins to change a form, walls are closed - and there are a wish to quote Edgar Poe who extraordinary skillfully described similar. Here only here action happens not in the story, and the person who saw the Black Monk cannot move a little, as if paralyzed, and only powerlessly observes.

The white Lady behaves even worse. They say that at its presence laws of gravitation are broken, people lose orientation in space. The person who met the White Lady can escape all night long from the ghost, but not find a way out of the room. On the place of emergence of the ghost some time is felt cold.

Gomel organization Paraworld investigated tower of ghosts . Members of expedition claim that in the monastery sensors of the devices intended for detection of power splashes work the film is lit. Moreover, everything, spending the night in the monastery and to a tower of ghosts saw shadows, silhouettes, light spots, heard steps, rustle of clothes, groans.

And it is unimportant whether there was Hannah - Gordislava Olshanskaya, whether she loved Gremislav Valyuzhinich. The main thing that really

Full-whose everyone such in the lock that runs cold for fear, Poe`s

to galleries there pass the lady with the black monk.
you do not trust

? Come. The white Lady waits for you.