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In what root of all evil or What it is useful to know about emotions? The Famous Russian scientist I. Pavlov wrote part 2

: Our feelings pleasant, unpleasant, ease, difficulty, pleasure, torture, a celebration, despair and so on are connected with all variations of either easy, or difficult course of the nervous processes happening in big hemispheres . Numerous researches of physiologists showed that in development of emotions the main role belongs to bark of big cerebral hemispheres and subcrustal educations.

We will imagine schematically formation of positive emotion at the person. You came home after the intense working day, turned on the TV. Your favourite comic actor acts... And you began to smile at once. This external manifestation of the formed emotion. Your brain drew from memory depths the remained impression of the previous speeches of the actor and through a subcortex, through vegetative nervous system sent signals to all bodies and body tissues.

Having received signals, the last, in turn, sent reciprocal signals to a brain. After that on command from a brain positive emotion which was externally shown in a smile was created. But emotion is a complex which also the internal component enters! Means, the smile is designated not only on a face. Began to smile if I may say so, and internals.

And the actor continues performance... Your smile already turns into laughter, and then into a laughter. Emotion accepted rough character. Whether it is harmful? On the contrary! After experience of such emotion your fatigue it vanished as if by magic. Not incidentally I. Pavlov claimed that in the absence of emotions the cerebral cortex loses the main source of energy.

We will follow other example, opposite value. Two persons argue. Dispute runs high, gets the increased emotional coloring. If one person is not able to restrain, then each subsequent word of the opponent causes in it in brain bark new waves of excitement, and the subsequent wave is stronger than previous.

There comes the state called by affect when to a limit the excited cerebral cortex is overexcited. Subcrustal educations, losing brake influence of the overexcited bark, begin to direct behavior of the person. Here - that the instincts put in a subcortex show rough activity. The debater bursts in abuse or... uses fists.

If your opponent is stronger or his official position is higher, then all wave of the overexcited signals, without having an exit in external environment, falls upon your internals, looking for among them the place of the smallest resistance. At this one most weak spot appears in heart, at others - in vessels, at the third - in a stomach. This beginning of the tragedy of body. If the person often enters in such disputes sooner or later in one of internals or in one of fabrics the pathological processes leading to an illness develop: at one to a hypertension, at others to stomach ulcer, at the third to nervously - to mental disorders, at the fourth to skin diseases... And nothing it would be if the person learned to restrain, not to turn usual emotion into affect.

There are similar cases and in a family. The husband came home upset or excited by troubles at work. In a temper at it the rough word slipped out... Of course, a family - not the lightning rod for dumping negative emotions. But if so it turned out, it is better for wife to keep silent, try to calm him. And only then, when sharpness will pass, to point out all unattractiveness of offensive words. But where there! It is necessary to respond to roughness only with roughness!

Here - that also begins the family dispute reaching scandal, and sometimes and a gap, disintegration of a family. The guilty person, having received a fair portion of negative emotions, then suffers a remorse, but pride does not allow it to take a step to reconciliation. As a result both there is no family, and health worsened. And it is reflected in work.

The sociological researches conducted in some countries showed that labor productivity is in direct dependence on mood of workers. When it was transferred to a language of digits, it became clear: decrease in mood reduces labor productivity by 10 percent!

Emotions if they have negative character, can promote developing of an illness , can aggravate its current. Positive emotions often of increase organism resilience and thereof create conditions to immunity of the person to some diseases.

Emotions will exert beneficial effect on an organism only when the person learns to operate them. Jean - Jacques Rousseau wrote: All passions are good when we own them; all durna when we submit to them .

to learn to own emotions, they need to be brought up both at themselves, and at others.

People treat emotions differently. One love a saying: The Person till two years learns to speak, and from two to 60 to be silent . And they try to be silent. To be silent when offend others, to be silent when gets to them. On their faces you will not see any expression of emotions. They consider that they so protect the health. And whether there can be health at boring gray life!

The second proclaim: Life is a fight! But if they fight with all windmills meeting on the way, that such donkikhotstvo raises at people around only a smile...

The third, having taken the most valuable from an arsenal of the first and second, learn to react to surrounding events correctly.

I - for the third! For those who are able to dispose reasonably of the emotions, without doing harm itself, the people surrounding them who are able to operate them, but do not follow their tastes.

Speak, psychologists advise the people who are often falling into a depression to smile more often. The explanation is simple. Smiling, the person by means of face muscles increases blood supply of a brain and increases oxygen level in blood. And it helps to cope with a depression quicker.

It is important to learn ability to concentrate on the feelings in a condition of nervous excitement, to ask itself a question of a situation and to formulate the answer. It will allow to estimate situation in a different way. And if at the same time slowly to inhale, hold the breath and to exhale also slowly, it will help to calm down and will not allow feelings to get of you the best. And then in various situations it will be easy for person to avoid emotional extremes which only complicate communication and life in general.

Therefore do not submit to negative emotions, you drive them away, and positive emotions let operate you, load you with positive energy, fill your life with pleasure, support your vitality, strengthen vital forces.